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What We SHOULD Take Away From The Tucker Carlson/Vladimir Putin Interview...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 9 Feb 2024

This post is only to share MY thoughts on what was said, what was hinted at, and what was implied, during the long 2 and a half hour interview...

First off, I am not an analyst, nor am I a politician, and I truly am not a journalist...

That being said, the anger and ridiculous nonsense the MSM is throwing at Mr Carlson for the interview is outrageous.

Second, I am on NEITHER side...

I actually don't have a dog in that fight, so my words are opinions, and don't necessarily reflect the opinions of either side who are actually IN the conflict.

And last but NOT least...

I watched the ENTIRE interview, and saw some rather interesting, rather sad, and rather crazy, and even some serious threats coming from Putin.

Tucker has a history of being a journalist, and knows the ins and outs of how it works...knows what to expect, and knows what to ask.

In my personal opinion....

Tucker Carlson wanted to do this interview, because it would be a history making one, a controversial one, and not to forget, an interview that the world needed.

Not because we should interview and give a platform to evil...but to understand the MINDSET of the person making the deadly decisions.

To me, Tucker was nervous, but hid it well enough.

Maybe he wasn't afraid for his life, but at the beginning of the interview, he gave Putin about 30 to 40 minutes of nearly zero interruptions...and Vlad took it and decided to discuss the history of the current conflict, down to the 900's A.D.

Quite odd in the eyes of the MSM, but to me it told me that Putin respected Tucker Carlson, and was willing to 'bear his soul' so to speak.

Putin is good at propaganda, but so is nearly every American politician, and others around the world.

Did he try to 'filibuster' in the beginning, as Tucker thought? Was he being sincere, and wanted to explain why he was doing what he was doing, and believed that Tucker Carlson was the guy to tell everything to?

Was it a mix of both?

Here are my thoughts...

Putin asked his people to hand Carlson a history of Russia, in Russian, for him to HAVE.

This isn't just any gesture, this is one done out of a mutual respect for history, and somewhat out of respect.

It's clearly seen that Putin desperately wanted Carlson to understand the standing behind the conflict.

(Quick history lesson...)

Putin discussed Vlad, who brought Orthodox Christianity to the Rus back in 988 A.D. At that time they were called the Kievan Rus.

In my mind I believe that this is where Putin wants Russia and Ukraine...he said a little later in the interview that it was INEVITABLE that the people of both countries will become one people, and will heal together.

Such a strange thing to say, except for the 10 block nation concept that I talked about in another post.

I believe 100% that Russia and Ukraine will be ONE again and Putin knows this as well, and is pushing for it now.

I digress...

Russian/Ukrainian Negotiations

Tucker asked Putin about several things concerning the current conflict, and with a mix the jist is will Putin be willing to negotiate a peace, could the land that he has now be enough, why did he invade, and is he planning on a 'Hitler' style takover of the world...

Putin said that there was a peace accord signed in Istanbul, but it was later rejected by the Ukrainians because Borus Johnson told them to fight the Russians and not sign the agreement.

He said that he had no plans on anything other than de-nazifying Ukraine.

But Carlson pushed back saying that Ukraine is a sovereign nation, and why does Putin think he has the right to do what he wants in a sovereign nation.

Putin said that the ideology is still alive even 80 years after the death of Hitler, and it was his duty to stop that from continuing.

Putin called the idea of him going after other nations ridiculous, and makes no sense.

He said that he had no interests in any other nation. But with Ukraine, he felt a kinship, and defended his attack to unite the two countries.

He still hasn't found victory because Ukraine won't go back to the previous agreements.

Nordstream Pipeline

After reports came out that Russia blew up their own gas pipeline, many people worldwide believed it was them.

Later it came out that Ukraine, with the backing of the US government, actually destroyed it.

Putin said that the CIA probably known by NATO actually did it.

They had the ability, and the motivation, and in doing so destroyed Germany's economy, Tucker said, probably permanently.

But why didn't Germany say anything if they knew who caused the damage?

Neither Tucker, nor Putin had an answer for that, but believed if the truth came out, it could cause relations between the US and Germany to dwindle.

Nevertheless, it was a huge attack, and it caused hardships for many nations.

The US dollar and BRICS

Tucker asked Putin about the current sanctions levied against Russia and would that cause problems in the future.

Putin replied that the economy of Russia was #1 in Europe, and #5 in the world even with sanctions.

He said that ties with China are growing daily, because they share a common border with them and have so for over a thousand years, so trade is an obvious choice.

With sanctions against Russia, Putin said that the USA was only hurting themselves by keeping a behemoth like Russia from transacting in dollars.

But even without the ability, Russia is still a powerhouse.

Imprisoned journalist

For over a year, a journalist has been imprisoned in Russia for espionage.

Tucker asked Putin to allow the 30 plus year old journalist to leave with Tucker so he could go home.

He said that obviously he wasn't spying on Russia, he was a 'kid', who probably broke some laws, but doesn't deserve what he got.

Putin pushed back and said that he didn't believe he was a journalist, but a spy getting information, even innocently or not, making it espionage, which was a serious crime.

He did say that there were various people talking, and that even though he wouldn't do a good will release, he would consider possibly a trade, or something else reasonable.

MSM take on interview 

Clearly everyone in journalism, mostly left leaning, thought that Tucker made a huge mistake when he decided to do this interview.

They said that he was a useful idiot, and that he was Putin's mouthpiece, and should face sanctions.

Still others see it as an historic interview that revealed the mindset of a man bent on war.

My OBJECTIVE opinion

This interview NEEDED to be done.

100% that Tucker was a little soft on Putin, and from where I stand, probably for a reason.

Why? Since I am not in the mind of Tucker Carlson, I can only guess...

He was somewhat timid at the beginning of the interview, and later loosened up after a few jokes.

Which to me is a normal reaction when sitting across a man who imprisons journalists.

Tucker obviously had this in mind, because he was nervous in the video he released just before the interview...not that it showed much, but it was there...just look at that video and tell me I'm wrong.

But, after the nordstream joke, it looked as though Tucker was fully aware he was safe...and that was about an hour into the interview.

Just seeing Putin joking about Tucker Carlson destroying the pipeline, and laughing like he did, was the moment, it seemed to me anyway, that he was really free to press him.

Yes, he did interrupt him a few times before, and to me it looked like he was about ready to swallow his tongue for doing so, but it was fairly easy before.

Then came the jokes at Carlson's expense...the CIA joke, and the 'dont you know' comments Putin threw back at him.

Then, I saw the interview change moods...

Putin at first was separating Carlson from the government, but later in, he continued saying, 'ask your government' ask your leaders, and even one time joined Tucker with the American government by saying his first name and the government.

This was the moment I see Putin lost a little respect for him.

After this, Putin was more annoyed and even one time looked as though he was getting angry, where Carlson said he was bitter.

It to me went from somewhat of a mutual respect, to a loss of respect, and then to angry outbursts that were hidden in character attacks against Tucker.

I see that Putin has a hidden agenda, and even speaks about a wider war if NATO or American troops fight directly against Russia.

I see that he has not finished his objectives, and has no intention on ending the war in Ukraine, and may even want a bigger war, saying that the two will heal together.

He sees NATO pushing at him provoking him into a wider conflict and he will have 'no choice' but to protect his interests.

Maybe I'm wrong, and this interview was NOT needed, and was foolish to do, and Hillary was right, as well as the MSM saying that Tucker deserves whatever he gets when he returns to the USA.

I actually don't know what to make of those aspects, and don't agree he should face sanctions for it, maybe he should be seen as a real journalist, just doing his job, facing possible imprisonment.

To me, journalists, and evangelists are similar...

Going where they could get themselves in trouble to do what they are called to do... journalism/evangelism.

They risk their lives to do their job.


Thanks for reading, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below....👇🏻

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