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Just 11 Months Until The Bitcoin Halving And Some (Just For FUN) Price Predictions...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 23 Jun 2023

In 11 months the block reward for Bitcoin will be cut in half.

From 6.25 in Bitcoin rewards to 3.125. And with this adjustment will also come volatility, and uncertainty.

But, don't fear Bitcoin lovers, because I think I have figured out (the same thing said by many a predictor in the where the price just may land by 2027.

The reason I say 2027, is because from the last halving, until today, there has been serious price volatility.

Only recently have we seen the price somewhat settle around $30,000 USD. And just about a year before the next halving.

Let me give you some past numbers, and yes, I get that these 3 years were a bit unique because of all the exchanges going bankrupt, various coins collapsing, and the harsh SEC involvement, along with the FED and interest rates.

Even through all of this I actually have been noticing something interesting concerning the price in USD.

I have said many times that everything should be valued in sats, not dollars, and I will always believe that. This being said, it's still interesting to see the patterns.

I believe Bitcoin will rise and fall between $30,000, and $40,000 until the halving event. 

And then after...

There was an interesting thing that took place on Nov. 10th, 2017. Bitcoin reached $6,346 USD. 

Then just 25 days later, 15th of December, Bitcoin jumped to $19,650. Then, over the next 10 months, it was back down to $6,550 on October 5th, of 2018.

Then, a similar thing happened in 2019 and 2020, just before the halving.

On the 7th of June 2019, Bitcoin was up to $7,930, then 3 weeks later, it jumped up to $11,865, on the 28th. It would fall back to $7,350 USD on the 3rd of January, of 2020, just 4 months before the halving.

This is my theory...

At this time, Bitcoin was trying to find stability at around $6,800 USD. The jumps and falls were simply shocks in the market, and volatility due to normal trading.

Let's take a look at Bitcoin after the halving, up until today.

On the 13th of November, 2020, 6 months after the halving, Bitcoin again rebounded and made it back to $16,000 USD after 3 years. Later, it would eventually make its ATH near $70,000 USD.

But this again wasn't just Bitcoin being volatile, it had to do with it finding it's resting spot.

Let's look at some dates that mark the times Bitcoin showed again, where it eventually wanted to settle...

Starting on the 13th of November, of 2020, when it made it to $16,082. This was the "halfway point" of it's settling place. Because we see it again on the 16th of December of 2022. This time the price was at $16,780 USD.

We know well that in November of 2021, Bitcoin jumped TWICE to over $60,000 USD.

This was it doubling it's settling spot, which I believe is why Bitcoin is at $30,000 USD today.

Let's take a look...

22nd of January 2021, Bitcoin is at $32,114...

16th of July 2021, Bitcoin is now at $31,576...

13th of May 2022, Bitcoin is again in the 30,000 at $30,068.

Then, on the 16th of December, 2022, Bitcoin is now at the halfway point, $16,780 USD 

Then after a while in the $25,000 range, on the 21st of June, 2023, Bitcoin is again at $30,125.

This is where I believe Bitcoin wants to settle, around $32,000 USD...but that isn't all.

When looking at the graph, we see there is an uptick, then a quick downturn, then a surge back up, until it reaches the ATH.

Then on the other side, there is the downturn, then a quick jump back up, then a bigger downturn.

What I see, is that before the ATH, the quick downturn before the surge back up, and the other side the quick uptick, before the free-fall, are both indications where the settling price will be.

As I said, until April of next year, I think Bitcoin will only ever reach $40,000 to $42,000 USD, and after, another volatile time.

So, what is my point?

By the 2016 halving, Bitcoin was at $655 USD, but I believe it wanted to settle at around $550 to $600 USD.

By the 2020 halving, I believe Bitcoin wanted to settle around (let's say) $7,000 USD.

Between these there is a difference of $7,500 USD. (Give or take $50.)

As we speak, we are seeing Bitcoin settle at around $32,000 USD, but it will pick up a little before the halving.

Between the 2020 and the 2024 halvings, there is a difference of around $24,000 USD. This is a little over 3 times the previous one.

So, my prediction for the volatility price of Bitcoin before the 2028 halving, is going to be around an ATH of $190,000 USD and finally a settling price closer to $87,000 USD.

This is a difference of $56,000 USD, or another (NEAR) 3 times growth. 

I believe about a year, 2027, before the 2028 halving, Bitcoin will stabilize around $87,000 to $90,000 USD.


(2016)-- $550, (2020)-- $7,000, (2024)-- $32,000, (2028)--$88,000, (2032)--??? Maybe $250,000 USD!

But these are only predictions, and just for fun because I thought I saw a pattern.

But who knows, maybe all retailers will start pricing their products in sats, and it won't matter what the USD price is...

Hey! Thanks for reading, and don't forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below...👇🏻



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