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How To Navigate Right And Wrong, (REALITY) In The Face Of Negative Knuckleheads ..

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 12 Jul 2021

First, the hardest thing to do is escape the real world. 

The Second hardest thing to do is live 100% conflict free lives.

Third, we must interact with others to survive so we should at least live in peace (as much is within us) with those who love to abuse others.

Regardless if it's mentally, emotionally, or even physically, these folks live off the suffering of others. They are miserable, and they want others to share in this misery.

The current system was built so the little guy would be a slave, and the elites would always be on top. 

They enjoy seeing confusion in the streets, and the poor folks begging for their next meal.

They are not happy because they can't fill the emptiness inside with the money and suffering of the peasants they enslave. 

Their guard dogs, the Knuckleheads, and the police, willingly stick up for, (and push the agenda of) their slavers by gaslighting the people who dare speak out against tyranny, and fraud.

This isn't news. This is the way the elites work. For two thousand years they have done everything they possibly could to stamp out Christianity, to force laws criminalizing those who believe in Yashua, (Jesus). 

Americans think they are safe from this. Yet, what is happening in Canada is the burning of churches, and police arresting pastors for no reason.

The Knuckleheads will say, "they should follow the law and just have church at home..." 

I agree that church can be held anywhere, and at any time. Christians don't need a giant building to worship on Sundays, or whatever day they worship.

The first century christians held services in their homes. So, I have no problem with that argument.

What bothers me is the state is interfering with the church. There is literally no reason to close down a private meeting of believers. 

I talk a lot about America, because I was born there, and we have a constitution that talks about the separation between church and state.

An example...A baptist church in Missouri has decided to open a branch in Canada, and another in Mexico. Really nothing differs in their teaching, and worship, except for language. 

Each country has their own constitution, laws, religious freedoms, and so forth. But the church is the same in each country. 

The pastor from Mexico can go to Canada or the US, and pastor either church, and the same for the other pastors.

The difference is that the laws of Canada can't dictate the way the church in the US functions, and the same with the other countries.

If the US gov. can't stop a service in Canada or Mexico, and the church is literally a government unto itself (as specified in the US constitution!!), then how is it any different in the other two countries?

The founding fathers of the US placed a division between church and state because they understood that the opinions and thoughts of man were ungovernable, and beyond the reach of the lawmakers. The government could ONLY govern ACTIONS...So who could govern the thoughts and opinions of man?

It belonged to a higher power. Each man needed to be governed by the supreme ruler, and subject themselves to him, before they could even be called countrymen.

They came from various countries, and various backgrounds, but they were running from religious persecution. 

So what about Canada and Mexico? Is it ok for the government to interfere in religious services simply because they don't have the same beliefs as the founding fathers of the US? 

Does that mean the "thoughts and opinions" argument is null and void the second one crosses a border?  Because the Canadian lawmakers have decided that worshiping God will be done on their terms. 

The US constitution says this is not right.

"So the persecuted pastor/parishioners can simply leave Canada and go to the US to have these freedoms", some knucklehead will say.

So if the government knows what's best for it's people, then all governments would be exactly the same, and there wouldn't be a need for borders. China and North Korea would be the same as Russia, and South Korea.

The problem is, they are not the same. But the church, (the one Yashua set up, and not the thousands of sects we see today...) is the same because it is headed by one spirit over the entire planet.

So, the next time you are trying to live your life, and some knucklehead jumps in to make it more complicated, kindly remind them that their version of reality is temporary.

Tell them to live life doing good helping the poor, the windows, and children, and to stop harming others. Death isn't hindered by opinions...





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