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How To Get Away From The "TOXIC Relationship" In Crypto...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 29 Oct 2023

Not too long ago, I left an abusive relationship that I actually should have seen coming.

And from the very beginning, there were signs that things were not right.

The second date was an angry one, where she scolded the waiter for something very petty...there were no napkins.

The taxi ride back, we were having a little debate... purified water, or natural spring water. Seriously, that was the debate.

When it comes to crypto, I believe that people are bright eyed and roaring to make a profit....just to turn around and see the value drop when the likes of Musk tweet something negative.

Our emotions are tied to our finances, and this is seen in the amount of divorces that take place around the world.

When we see unnecessary friction, there needs to be a break up.

This can come in several forms...

#1. Stop listening to, or watching, news that is negative towards crypto.

We already know that many news agencies despise crypto and are helping to spread their message.

#2. Stop believing any candidate will do anything for the industry.

We see men like Desantis, and Robert F. Kennedy jr. all talking about Bitcoin.

Even if they are pro crypto, there isn't much good they can actually do if the house and Senate vote against it.

#3. Stop using KYC exchanges.

If you believe KYC protects you from anything, it's protecting you from keeping secret your wealth.

The governments of the world love sticking their giant noses in our business...and this actually started with the patriot act.

#4. Stop seeing $$$...

This by far is the most toxic thing in our space.

I was guilty of this as well before, but now, seeing the swings in price do NOT bother me anymore.

As said before, we need to see everything in sats...

Being in a toxic relationship is difficult, and getting out of them...well, it's just as difficult if we don't know what we need to succeed.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below...👇🏻


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I was involved with crypto since 2012, but left after homelessness entered my life. Now I am back, (since July of 2020) and ready to live this crypto life!

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