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What Exactly IS Christmas?

By CodyMac50 | MyChristianLife | 25 Dec 2023

Regardless if you are a believer in the Messiah, Yashua, (Jesus Christ) and his resurrection or not, the festival is known the the majority of humanity.

It's always on the 25th of December and is the reason many people make new years resolutions on January 1st, because they ate too much through the week before, or spent a ton of money on gifts for

Somewhat joking aside...

The day is full of mystery and awe, and reverence, and food, and gift giving.

But WHY?

First, there is the tradition.

Christmas is the day the 3 magi came to visit the infant Jesus to offer him gifts, of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Second there is the correct reading of this...

"...and when they went into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother..." and then proceeded to offer their loyalty, by kneeling, and presenting him with the three gifts.

There isn't a reference to 3 men, it's inferred by the number of gifts, maybe there were, but another thing is that he was a young child, not an infant in a manger.

The second tradition...

St. Nick was a carpenter, from Germany, who made toys for children and handed then out from a bag tossed across the back of a reindeer.

Maybe it was an elk, or another large deer, but regardless, the tradition is that he would do this to commemorate the gifts given to Jesus when he was a boy.

The third tradition is that this is the celebration of Saturnalia...

People would decorate trees with bright colors, dance around it, and hand gifts out to commemorate the winter solstice.

It doesn't matter which tradition you believe, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, or whatever, it's a celebration day for much of the world.

I personally don't celebrate the day, and I would caution anyone who wants to saying, DYOR, and remember that if we are doing something against our beliefs, then that isn't good.

I try to keep in mind that any day of the year can be a day to give others gifts.

Thanks for reading this short post, and to everyone out reading this today, remember that we need to be true to ourselves, our beliefs, and when presented with the truth concerning an important subject, we should change accordingly...

Have a great day.

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