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The Great Reset Debate: Part 3!

By CodyMac50 | MyChristianLife | 12 Dec 2023

I don't watch television, and I don't watch movies anymore.

For me, it's a way to waste a few hours where I could have been doing something more productive.

With my bread business ramping up for the Christmas holiday, I am actually not that busy at this moment...but will start cranking out 10 loaves per day starting the 21st, and selling them on the 24th.

I digress...

Recently, as I was scrolling X, I noticed posts about a new Netflix movie produced by the Obama's.

Most said it was a junk movie with occult symbolism, predictive programming, and projected hate towards 'certain' americans.

It's a movie about a cyber attack that happens in the USA, where lots of crazy things start taking place ... Tesla's crashing into things, t-shirts with messaging, things like DIE 666 9, in the news reporting, along with other strange stuff...

One post talked about how evil exists, and when they want to do something, they need to inform you that they are about to do it, perhaps to clear themselves of guilt, or because they must get your approval...

I don't know how that works because I am not a part of their elite circle, but I do know they have a circle, and they are evil who believe we are less than them.


Another person posted Klaus Schwabs video where he talks about a cybernetic attack that WILL happen, and we need to prepare for it.

Yet another person posted a Fox news report where China had attacked the US grid...I didn't watch the entire thing, but I did see a snippet.

The name of the movie is Leave The World Behind...and how odd because as a Christian, that is exactly what we are called to do. 

So does this mean that this scenario is good for christians...grid down, no communication, people trying to survive in nature?

Definitely not.

I use my phone every day, multiple times per day, so I get that it's attached to me more than I guess it should be.

I also am a minimalist, and know we can survive with the 5 basic needs...

#1. Water

#2. Food

#3. Clothing

#4. Shelter

#5. Companionship.

What this movie does, it warn us of how they plan to destroy our way of life, to push us into a way of thinking, and a way of living.

Some posted on X, well since the Obama's have given us a warning, doesn't that make them good?

Not at all! This isn't good in any form, this is programming, or projecting, or whatever you want to call it.

I am in the 'predictive programming' camp, and see that this is their way of clearing themselves of any, and all, evil they drop on humanity.

They produced this movie, terrible movie, telling what WILL happen to the USA in the near future.

This is why I have warned people to prepare, and get out of the cities, and find a safe place away from this insanity.

This is a HUGE part of their 'great reset', and these things obviously won't happen EXACTLY like the movie shows, but they will rhyme...

Thanks for reading, and please tell me your thoughts on the movie, if you saw it, or didn't, in the comments below...👇🏻

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