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How to earn more crypto online and with FORSAGE

By bitcoin_earner | My24-hrincomesystem | 27 Apr 2020



Bitcoin price started to bounce back despite crisis from $6k to $7600. And that's not only what other analysts are expecting. They predicted it's rise to $20k by the year 2022. Ethereum also from $170 to $190 and Litecoin, Bitcoin cash while the rest had slight percent up and down at the end of the day. Well, if you have followed the cryptocurrencies volatily from its very beginning, or read it from news and in Coingecko or Coinmarketcap, then the rise and fall of their prices are not so amazing. That's the same with your Fiat or your dollar, yen, Yuan or peso. 

  However, most traders profit from its rise or fall and that's their ordinary day. If you did not know how traders exploit the current market trends, or if you want more to know what crypto you most likely to hold, then you better read or visit my previousblog "My24hrincome".

  If you are a Telegram user, you did know about Telegram's GRAM, whose distribution of it's coins was halted by the court order. But I do recommend you invest in such communication app ICO, of  they be stock, for the good of it's investors.

  Where can you earn bitcoins? If you really want a stable 24 hour income from this crypto, or another like Ethereum, Tron, USDT, you may learn from it thru buying and selling it when the price is high from your wallet( Coinbase, Blockchain or Abra- these so far are my trusted wallets, and let's discuss it later, which of these wallets can you really trust. Ethereum has Metamask, Meow or the Ledger or hardware wallets and some of you may have known it before).

 Where else can you earn bitcoins, other crypto? Let's start you with Coinbase. Coinbase has a program where they giveaway crypto (at their ICO stage) like Zcash, Orchid, Tron, Tezos and Stellar. As of now, they are still active in their "Learn crypto to earn crypto" where you have to watch their educational videos and you're joined to the wait-list. 

 Here are other safe means in obtaining bitcoins and other coins:

  1. free faucets- example is, moonbitcoin, moondogecoin, bonus Bitcoin and PTC sites like Coinpayu, adbtc, cointiply and Bestchange.(for newbies who don't want to spend their Fiat to buy a crypto for their wallet.) Go to

2. Game apps- if you are fun of gaming like a nerd in Mobile Legends, APEX legend, etc. then there are also gaming coins you can get or exchange to by doing so. Others are in the Bitcoin Aliens app, Cryptopop, Bitcoinblast and other apps. This is the most preferred way of the teens who just play and enjoy while at the same time rewarded with crypto.

  3. Exchanges and ICO giveaways


     Most crypto exchanges nowadays offer free coins in order to draw users to their ecosystem. Major exchanges like Binance, OKex, have done that before and so the new ones like Shapeshift, Walkex, Coinut, Einstein exchange of Canada, now the latest is UBIEX. There is supposed to be a 2000 UB coin candies you can get plus 1000 hash/sec free to mine Bitcoin, ether, eos, etc. (But update was, my KYC was not approved as i can't understand their language).

      ICO or AIRDROPS -DO you want to have any kind of altcoins new or not the stable coins kind -of DAI, USDC ? Stable coins are said to be backed up by dollar reserves. It aims to stabilize the price or market movement  of $1  and is equal to $1, regardless of ups and down. But as

a beginner investor, you can buy as many tokens for your $$ and profit as it value rises like in ICO or airdrops. Try to join Cocoricos  to see 

the latest coins/airdrops,but most importantly, their real estate investing- where you can be a part-owner of an asset you want to buy or

in real estate thru their platform, ONLINE. You can buy, view the asset and know its details by contacting the property custodian assigned to

its bidding, and given a certificate of ownership.


     At Cocoricos, you must be a member to be updated with the new airdrops, and you must buy  EGG tokens ( COcoricos tokens) to partici-

pate in investing and airdrops. Thru your EGG tokens, you can buy at discounts any tokens you want, you have the voting right, and earn

more EGG by hodling. Prices are : 5000 EGG=$100, 27,500 EGG=$500,  60,000 EGG=$1,000.

     How much is your company share in your purchased real estate if you buy thru EGG token? 

              The answer is 1 share= 1 EGG token (which is equal to $.02 usd value if you just buy 5,000 EGG)

 Sample Property for sale in COCORICOS: 



           Update; as of now this has been fully funded. 


      How can you be sure that the ownership of Real Estate tokens will be officially                linked to your identity?


        As soon as your identity is verified, your name will be registered as a share holder of the real estate you invest in, this is handled by our partner            Alpha Notaires that is a French Notary service, as well as payments until funds get raised. Your ETH address will be whitelisted on our KYC smart                contract so that you can receive your tokens. The custodian of the property is in charge of the receiving of funds and advertising of the property               for sale. As soon as the full fund was raised, determination of your certificate of ownership will be in place, and you will know how much is your                 share  in the asset.

        If the funds are not raised , you will be automatically refunded in Stable USD. But to evade the regrets and blame, see to it that you have a  property lawyer that have connection with this company before investing. ONline world is now the very main source of scams by these businesses. If you can be deceived by  face-to-face contacts, how much the online transactions? But you know what? Tokenization of property values is veeery timely and noteworthy. You can hold and manage your assets with less hassle, you just monitor its value everyday as you receive dividends from the rent you received monthly and yearly. You just have a lawyer to verify the real existence of the asset and represent you in the making of the ownership paper. At least, your token is backed up by the market value of an asset and not the volatility in the Coimarketcap.

         Another site you can trust about next aairdrops is AirdropKing. Be a member to be updated of every big airdrops coming.



       4.  Investing/ Staking in DApps or Blockchain-based Crypto platforms /Social Media Platforms Minting/Mining

            Did I mention before cryptobased platforms, who provide loans with your crypto as collateral? Well, there are Bitbond, Nexo, Blockfi and another        one preferred by a writer here with 12% APR per month for your capital. This one is YouHodler. He discussed earning on it for months and it is                  better than any platform so far than the three. Go to "This is How I Get 12% APR On STable Coins " article.

            Top Ethereum Dapps worth considering, due to its volume of users and earning potential ( Dapps are based on the ethereum contracts) :


               1.Casinofair- a gambling platform with eth balance of 1.52 , usd equivalent $592.8K ,volume of users are 47.

               2. Kyber -an exchange,us d equivalent $3.4M; volume of users is 1000.

              3. HEX -the first high interest blockchain certificate of deposit. Considered as high risk investment or HYIP, stake it till you want it. They accept                  investment or transactions by smart contracts. The longer you stake Hex ,the bigger your payday HEX. HEX price was  programmed only to                        go up and pegged price start at $1.

                      Balance in ETH 47.49 , volume of users 681, balance in usd $2, 197,202.   

             HOW TO MAKE MONEY in HEX? 


               4.  FORSAGE- this is now the worldwide popular and trending ethereum dapp based platform, similar to MILLIONMONEY , with smart                                 contracts used to collect   or earn money. This seemed an MLM scheme, a matrix, where one is to invite 2 to move to another pay level or                        upgrade thru the  deposists made by your invite. Say, you start investing in the smart contract at .03 eth, you deposit it to your Trust wallet                       and enter  FORSAGE or MILLIONMONEY  site to register.(You can do so by linking your Trust wallet, metamask eth address as your login).                         Then,  you pay Forsage or MILLIONMONEY the required capital/membership in the contract ,which is .036 eth or .075 eth in Forsage. To                              upgrade to the next level of earning, those deposits of your invite into your MM or Forsage dashboard must be paid to the 2nd,3rd or                               next  level of membership leaving you a little profit. Now, Million Money was said to let you earn without invite, as I was a member of                               it until I stopped because no" amount or spill over "came to my account after 3 months of being a member in MM and I was not                             able to invite any due to my call center job ( awake by night, sleep at day).



              FORSAGE PROOFS OF INCOME : FROM MY Filipino uplines (x3 =you pay 3 accts; x4= you pay 4 accts similar to MLM programs to

              earn more easily with or without invite ):   




                             To join  Forsage, click  H E R E to purchase  x3 accounts (.025 x3 =.075/.08 eth/$18 for fees.)




                                  To contact us , pls.leave a comment here before signing up.














































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