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4 NEW PAYING CLOUD MINING SITES To Make you Richer while Idle

By bitcoin_earner | My24-hrincomesystem | 29 Jun 2020

As I review new You Tube uploads after The lockdown, I can't believe there are already miners  posting their withdrawals history from such mining sites at a short period of time.

 Consider that they started mining with their account  at the onslaught of covid19 , and they gather large number of refer-rals, enough to withdraw when covid seemed to subside. Here are these they called "legit, paying" cloud mining sites that grow during the pandemic :

   1.  SAGMINING LTD- a cloud mining ,created in UK, with registration  no.1263 2403, certification checked from the Companies house of England & Wales here:



    FREE HASH RATE - This offers 100Gh/s to start or a deposit of .0005 BTC BONUS upon signup, which seemed okay.

   Since this is CLOUD mining, you don't have to keep your computer running, therefore no electricity and internet expense

    on your part. Are there's upgrade or paid plans?  YES, there are. 

     a. BASIC PLAN-  .0005 BTC minimum w/100 GH/s ,maintenance charge included.

     Interest : 2.2% daily   duration : 365 days or 1 year

     b. Advanced Plan - .02 BTC     duration: lifetime

      Interest : 2.6% daily

  There are bigger plan and  big investment after these but those who were able to withdraw did not invest more from these. 


    2. BESTMINING.TOP-.  this is much preferred by former miners and YouTubers as they  were able to withdraw even without investing.  As you go into their site, it is stated that   you    may withdraw without investment.  You may invest or not, depending upon you. This has    BONUS of 5 GH to 40 gh/mins, plus 40 Gh per referrals + 12% from earnings of your    referrals.

     Company address :1149 S Hill St H300,                                       Company Registration NO: No record of such mining in LA
                                    Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

     They have a minimum however, for every mined altcoins so you can withdraw.

    Free PLAN- free 2750 GH/s , bonus interval of 5 GH to 40 gh/s  if you have referrals..

     $1 Plan - earn 1% daily ,free 2750 ghs from your free plan, bonus every 60 mins. 

     You can reinvest what you mine or deposit.

     ECONOMY -. $5  cost, earn 2.6% daily, bonus interval every 50 mins.

    BASIC PLAN- $25 cost, earn  3% daily, bonus interval every 40 mins.

    ADVANCE. PLAN- $50 cost, earn 3.5% daily , bonus interval  every  30 mins.

    PREMIUM PLAN- $100 cost, earn  4% daily, bonus every  20 mins. And a bigger one.

                     CLICK HERE


       3. MINING-UP - This cloud mining site offers free 100 GH/s  upon signup and when  you join their Telegram group( Official ) and their Channel.  Once you have signed up already with the Telegram group, you will see their live   mining farm and also mining with Sha-256.  So far, those who have withdrawn have  mined Dogecoin and invested only $5 to speed up their mining. You can not withdraw  until you deposited at least $5. BUT, this site allows you to  use your free mined  coins to upgrade your level. So,if your free balance is equal to $2, or at least $1,                        you can move to level 2 and continue mining and REINVEST. YES, this is how legit  and paying   Mining-up is.  As of this date, they were still paying and you can see   them in YouTube reviews. Note: Please Focus on getting referrals in any of these  sites as they are really paying than investing too large amount. Invest what you can  afford to lose. They have also different paid plans. SIGNUP TO MINING-UP.



     2. Brave TV




       4.    HASHRAPID.IO. -This cloud mining site offers also Free gigahash power without   your initial deposit. Upon signup you get 100 GH/s , 

             free 3 spins to add your bit coin balance of you can guess three Bitcoin symbols.  Minimum amount to withdraw is .002 btc.   There are                             paid plans also like Iron plan: .003 btc invest, daily earning is very low at .00000008btc while a GPU or CPU can mine .0001000 btc a day.                            Once you paid for any plan, you must commit to it for 180 days, which i can't guarantee they can fulfill.

            Like the other free cloud mining sites they claimed, some miners have already  withdrawn  their  initial deposit. I did not have any                                       investment so far in these 4 sites because I believe, if they want to help their fellow miners, such free balance can be doubled if  we                                   just have referrals. Referrals commission here is from 1%-7% on 1st level, plus 20 free spins to win bitcoin plus Bounty program for                                     promoters in Youtube od $20 -$1000. Find it out in  the referral section. SIGNUP TO HASHRAPID .


              CONCLUSION:     Cloud mining sites may have their physical offices or may have also rented powers that they sell to you. The cost of 

              electricity depends in the region or country where they are located. UK has more expensive electricity than the one from Estonia. Los                                Angeles have so many start-up companies but it never listed as one of the their mining companies involved in Block-                                 chain.  The hash rates of the different mining sites here are big but your earnings in satoshis may be lower than a real ASIC miner                                         does. So I am not recommending that you invest too much , but you may go to add more referrals  to increase your bonuses and                                       earnings.  Those who have PCs at home or desktop computers, I have a FREEBIES if you joined with one of my links here. You may                                        tip me with BAT but if you joined us in that links i mentioned, please comment below coz I have a surprise freebies  also. I will give                                      you a link that earned passive income aside from hodling ATOMIC tokens (AWC).  By the way, don't just leave without tipping me. We can earn together by being together in Cryptotab browser.    DOn't you know , they have a referral promotion that you can claim $10 just by inviting at least 3 to use Cryptotab ?

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