Short story 1 - based on a dream I had on 28/12/2022 – I will name it “The purple-eyed women”

By hulubytza | My weird dreams | 30 Dec 2022


It was a dark and stormy night when two girls found themselves struggling to survive aboard a ship. They had been hired as labourers, but the captain had other plans for them. He attempted to rape them, and the girls were forced to fight for their lives in a cramped wooden room on the ship. Despite the odds, they managed to escape and fled to a small island nearby. There, they stumbled upon a large, abstract rock surrounded by a magical fog. As they touched the rock, both girls wished for the captain to die. To their amazement, their wish was granted, and the captain fell to the ground, lifeless.

With the captain out of the way, the girls took control of the ship and continued their journey. But they were not alone on the high seas. They soon came across a wooden cabin floating on the water, filled with men. Thinking it was a tavern, the girls went inside, only to be chased by the men when they saw the girls. In a desperate bid for survival, some of the girls tried to swim away, but they soon found themselves in danger once again. The water was contaminated with a strange poison, and as it entered their systems, the girls fell unconscious.

When they awoke, they found themselves with a group of women who were living in small container rooms. These women were hiding from the same group of savage men, and together, the girls and the other women fought back against their attackers. The poison inside the girls turned their eyes purple and gave them strength and fierce determination. They turned on the men filled with rage, then violently killed and ate them. The other girls were terrified by this transformation, but they were also relieved to be rid of the abusive men. And so, the group of women remained together on that small island, killing any man who dared to pass through their territory.

Years passed, and the legend of the purple-eyed, evil-minded women spread far and wide. Turns out the purple poison was contagious and spread to the other women as well, in time creating a purple fog in the air surrounding them. Many avoided the island, but one young woman was not so lucky. She stumbled upon that place, surrounded by poisonous purple gas, but she was quick to turn around, and instead, she headed for the abandoned houses on a nearby hill, hoping to find shelter. As she scavenged through the first few houses, she heard a noise behind her and turned to see two men approaching. One of the men chased after her, but the other stopped him. They fought for a while until the purple-eyed women appeared. One of them grabbed the violent man by the head and shouted to the other, "Thank you for bringing us your father. We shall feast on him." And with that, she tore the man apart.

The young woman pleaded the purple-eyed woman to spare the son, explaining that he had saved her life. Intrigued, the purple-eyed woman agreed to spare him. It was the only time the purple-eyed women had ever spared a man, and the young woman was grateful for the mercy shown to her saviour.

The young woman and the man set off on a new journey together, leaving the island and its dark past behind. From that moment on, the purple-eyed women only killed violent and evil men, sparing the good and worthy ones.



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Just a normal person, I think...

My weird dreams
My weird dreams

I am constantly having nightmares/weird dreams, so I decided to materialize them. In my short stories, approx 90% of the story is what I remember from my dream, 10% and the images are finishes added with the help of AI's (chat.openai and Dream by Wombo). Hope you enjoy them more than I do while I dream of them.

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