My way to be a farmer of magical internet money #7

If there are actually people here who are looking forward to a new part every day, I hereby apologize to you very much. I just wasn't in the mood yesterday.

Where did we go.. Oh right, new hardware, 5 plots and the anticipation to look at my PC again .. By the way, here is a current picture, without RGB bling, but look how wonderfully the new RAM goes with the old bling bling RGB 20% more FPS RAM.


So I was back on the PC and was looking forward to starting new plots soon.

Well, I was able to get rid of that tremendously. The progress of my plots was about 1/8. WHAT? My mood was completely in the bucket. That really can't be true now


I got pissed off and wondered what the hell I could have done wrong again. I can tell you that now, but it shouldn't solve my problems anyway.

The guides I have already mentioned several times are intended for Linux systems and are also described accordingly. Linux is about 10% faster than Windows, but I could live with that. At this point in time, Linux wasn't an alternative for me. Not because I am not familiar with it, I simply did not feel like it.

In any case, the plots are started there by script, which I could theoretically do with Windows as well. However, the GUI is implemented wonderfully and again, I don't feel like using a script.

Now it could actually be a bit confusing if you read and understand the scripts, but the GUI works a little differently. With the script, the plots are started with a time delay. In other words, Plot1 starts at 2:00 am, Plot2 starts at 3:00 am, etc. In addition, you can set as many repetitions as you want so that you practically don't have to do anything and can leave the PC running for days.

I deliberately didn't do this repetitions because I wanted to perfect everything first, but Indeed I forgot to stagger the plots and started all at once.

I should also keep a little lesson in mind. In fact, I had learned this lesson a long time ago, but somehow I was unfaithful to myself.

Believe. Nothing. You. Find. In. The. Internet.

Meanwhile 24 hours have passed since I started the plots and the progress was around 50%. Great, I thought to myself.

The investments have really paid off and as everyone knows by now, whoever wants to get rich has to spend money (senselessly)!

The Chia team had meanwhile published an update for the GUI and promised that the plots would be 10% faster and I .. yes I was not able to do anything, because I should wait another 24 hours until the Plots are finished.

So I have now spent total x on new hardware and increased my efficiency from 5 plots per day to 2.5 plots per day! YOLO! I am the best.

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My way to be a farmer of magical internet money
My way to be a farmer of magical internet money

Meet me on my journey to became a Chia farming whale and get stupid rich. #spoileralert #notgonnahappen

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