My way to be a farmer of magical internet money #6

Now for the first time there is a small leap in time, it should be 3-4 days. I used the time in which I waited for my new RAM and the NVME disk to take a closer look at everything.

Why actually more RAM?

Pretty simple calculation. A plot needs about 3.8GB and 2 threads of the CPU. That was such a generally accepted rule of thumb. Since my approach is based on the NUC build mentioned in the previous part, I would of course like to use my PC as well as possible and run 5 parallel plots. 5 x 3.8GB = 19GB. So my 16GB of RAM is not enough. Furthermore, it should be mentioned here that the main memory should not be used to the full. The operating system and other processes in the background also access it, just look in the idle task manager how much memory is being used and add 1-2GB. Then you are definitely on the safe side.

Why an NVME SSD and not a cheaper SATA SSD?

Again, this should be pretty self-explanatory. The process of plotting is a symbiosis of the computing power of the CPU, the main memory and the speed of the hard drive and I had already been able to collect small successes with my regular SATA SSD.

Is there anything to consider when choosing a hard drive?

Usually no normal desktop PC hard drives are recommended but for servers. These server disks have a significantly longer life expectancy, specified in writing cycles for SSDs in particular. I shouldn't care about the lifespan at first, and I've also limited myself to buying from Amazon. Personally, I just buy from Amazon.

So we hold on. As fast as possible, NVME recommended. Is there anything else to consider besides the lifespan? Nope. (Oh.. really?)

A little digression about my PC. My system is not yet capable of PCIe 4.0, “only” PCIe 3.0 - but this should not pose any major problems with my configuration.

In any case, the time had finally come, my delivery had arrived. The NVME M2 slot on my mainboard sits directly under the graphics card. So the graphics card has to go.

For some reason this had gotten so jammed that I finally lost my patience and had to use brute force. Then the grid nose came towards me. Anyway, works without it - I'll put it back in at some point.

So here I was. Upgraded to 32GB RAM and a 2TB NVME. Full of anticipation, I started 5 plots and let my PC do it. I should switch on my monitor about 5 hours later the next time.

Oh .. little did I know ..

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My way to be a farmer of magical internet money
My way to be a farmer of magical internet money

Meet me on my journey to became a Chia farming whale and get stupid rich. #spoileralert #notgonnahappen

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