ChainLink High Confidence

     So I've been exploring ChainLink (LINK) for a bit, and given some other cryptocurrencies I am researching to hold, so far, LINK appears best to me. I am a viewer of various crypto channels, and I look to stay in the groove of where crypto is headed. As a result, a lot of people have recently been saying Cardano (ADA) and LINK are top cryptocurrencies that can yield confidence. Of course, I am not encouraging any investments, and it is vital that you do your own research before investing. This brief post is to educate others about ChainLink, and why I have seen experts praising LINK for its stability.

    At the time of typing, LINK is going at $14.06. The 22nd most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization has plummeted upwards of 16.8% than where it was seven days ago. The decentralized oracle network has likewise lost more than 75% of its value from its very high value of $52.70 in May. A lot of people I know have actually been quite hesitant of releasing their LINK tokens, and in my opinion, I feel that is a good thing because it established credibility in the market.

     I am still continuing my research of cryptocurrencies, and LINK is one of the promising tokens I have discovered, and I thought I'd share that with you. Feel free to comment down below what you think!


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