The Silent Majority v BLM

By iansinc61 | My Travels | 25 Aug 2020

I write this out of frustration because I feel the silent majority are being ignored and various minority groups are trying to dictate how the majority should live and behave.

I do not consider myself to be racist in any way but I do have beliefs as I am a Christian and actually true Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as saviour are more of a minority than people of colour or the LGBTQ+ community.. However I know people who are not Christians who have the opinion of live and let live who are also totally fed up with being dictated to.

I will make a few observations below which are probably controversial but need to be said:

(1) The killing of George Floyd was totally out of order and the policemen deserve any punishment they have eventually been handed out as are other incidents since. However there are a few points thats shuld be highlighted here.

      (1.1) George Floyd is being described as "an angel". He had a criminal record and held a gun to a pregnant woman's chest so he certainly is not an angel (even though I again stress he did not deserve the treatment he was handed out).

      (1.2) BLM (Black Lives Matters) is misnamed. Their website which has since been changed identified with other minorities such as LGBTQ+ so it was not all about Black lives. It also wanted to defund the police and close prisons but did not make suggestions as to how to uphold Law and Order. Indeed many places in USA and indeed UK and elsewhere have been subject to violence and virtually no one has been arrested. All violence should be subject to the law no matter what the purpose of the protest. Black sports people and indeed MPs have used the whole BLM agenda to make points. A black Labour MP in UK posted a rant about being stopped because she was black and it turned out she wasnt driving and her driver was actually white, so he was the person being stopped. So called celebrities and the left wing media have also used BLM to try to get people to bow their knee in supposed support of anti racism. Why do people have to bend their knee to support this?? I have respect for the F1 drivers who wore anti racism T-shirts but refused to bow the knee. I do not bow down to anyone but the Lord above.

       (1.3) Before BLM we had LGBTQ+ trying to dictate their agenda. We used to have a gay pride day once a year which took over the city centres across the UK with participants flaunting their agenda and actions that personally I abhor but I was prepared to accept that. However this has been extended to several days yet other people are not allowed to wear a religious symbol in work but it is ok to have LGBTQ+ rainbow symbols all over the place. It has got so ridiculous that it is an offence to label someone as a man or a woman. I suppose this covers the respect of the gender fluid category but what about the 99% majority who identify as a man or a woman - where are their rights??

        (1.4) Police personnel are being disciplined for heavy handed treatment of BAME people and this is right but I am sure some policemen would do the same to non BAME people (as they probably let the uniform go to their head), so this needs to be pointed out if applicable. That guy who held George Floyd down looked like a bully and I am sure he would have general form for similar treatment of other non BAME people (though I do not have any info. to this effect). Police need to be given guidance on how they apprehend violent criminals as their job is hard enough and they do need some power to protect themselves without going too far.

(2) I dont know about USA but the UK media appears to be totally biased and have a left wing agenda. They totally support the BLM agenda and there are many programs that give the general impression that the silent majority are actually racist if they do not speak out. The silent majority are not racist but there is a small % of people are racist and need taken in hand but the rest of us do not have to speak out in support of an extreme left wing group such as BLM. Obviously there are white people who do as they support an extreme left wing socialist come communist agenda (look how that is working out in Russia and China).


Final thoughts. I will not bend my knee to this left wing agenda and I will only support a truly peaceful anti racism call but it has to be balanced and not extreme as it is actually working against the cause it is trying to promote at the minute as the "silent majority" are getting sick of being dictated to.

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