Journey to the mountain range Marmarosh

By yetaras | My travel blog | 16 Oct 2019

Marmarosh or Maramáros (Rum. Maramureş, Hungarian. Máramaros) is a historic area in the Carpathians, is now divided into Southern Marmarosh region in Romania and Northern Marmarosh region in Ukraine. Since I live in Ukraine, I will tell you, my friends, about Northern Marmarosh, although the route I traveled in the mountains runs directly across the border of Ukraine and Romania, so I had to register in advance to do this journey. For this purpose, all members of the group who wanted to participate in the mountain hike had to fill out a special form on the website of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine approximately two weeks before the planned trip. We all did it and after about ten days we got permission. However, this was not enough for safe travel in the border area. We had to get special passes (this required our passports) at the local Border Guard office located in the Business Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, which we did when we arrived on the spot.

I should point out that we were then lucky with the weather (our hike took place on October 4-5), as the preliminary weather forecast showed us not too rainbow picture - two days of rain and not too high air temperature. Because of this, the number of future participants in our hike has decreased from 22 to 16 (though it's still a very large group of people, isn't it?). However, over time, the weather forecast improved and the rain would only fall the second day. However, in reality, there was almost no rain on the first day or the second. On the first day, only when we ascended the mountain plain, did we enter the cloud, because of that we and all our things became very damp. And the next day, as we were walking down the mountain range from Mount Pip Ivan Marmaroski, there was small snow, this is so much better than rain.



The length of our two-day itinerary was over 33 km. On the first day, we climbed the forest path (this climb was actually very difficult, I should mention) and stopped for an overnight stay at a shepherd's house that live there in the summer when they feed their sheep in the mountain. On the second, we climbed Mount Pip Ivan Marmaroski (1936 meters above sea level) and, having passed part of the route through a mountain ridge directly along the Ukrainian-Romanian border, descended a very difficult descent to our cars, with some of this descent we passed in total darkness. with flashlights. When we got to our cars, the rain started.

It was a very general description of our hike, to which I add the most beautiful photos (but I still have a lot of good photos that I will share with you in the future). If you are interested, friends, then I will tell you more about our hike, because there was a lot of interesting things.










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My travel blog
My travel blog

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