Portfolio April update - $6611 of passive crypto income

Portfolio April update - $6611 of passive crypto income

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 3 May 2022

Welcome to the monthly review of my token portfolio, I started tracking this portfolio now 26 months ago in full transparency. I provide updates of the interests received, the services used and the transactions performed during the month. This post tracks what happened in April 2022.

Crypto interests

The portfolio earnings reached $6611 this month, that's a 30% decrease from the previous month. The following tokens (including any kind of mining, staking, interest rewards, browsing interest, Publish0x payments, and any kind of promo code or referee bonus) contributed to the earnings. They are ordered from the largest to the lowest contribution:

  • 1024 CRV from Convex Finance and Curve as reward to my participation to the rETH, LINK, EURT and ibCHF liquidity pools and from the ATriCrypto3 pools on polygon. I also received some as brides from Votium thanks to Lama Airforce.
  • 45 CVX from Convex Finance as interest on my shares of the cvxCRV, cvxFXS, rETH, LINK, EURT and ibCHF liquidity pools.
  • 127 OSMO from Osmosis as rewards from my share of the ATOM/OSMO, LUNA/OSMO liquidity pools.
  • 30205 SAYVE from Pylon.
  • 0.11 ETH from Looksrare as rewards for my LOOKS staking.
  • 2.9 rDPX from Dopex as reward on my shares of the rDPX/ETH liquidity pool.
  • 240 USD from Anchor(UST), Convex Finance(3Crv) and LUNA staking.
  • 132 LOOKS from Looksrare as rewards for my LOOKS staking.
  • 367 PRISM from Prism protocol as staking reward for my yLuna.
  • 1169 ZKP from PantherProtocol as rewards for my ZKP staking.
  • 264 QI from QiDAO as reward for my ETH and WBTC vaults and rewards on my shares of the MAI/USDC liquidity pool.
  • 4.43 FXS from Convex Finance as reward to my shares of the cvxFXS liquidity pools and as converted FPIS airdrop.
  • 34 ASTRO from Astroport as reward to my shares of the ASTRO/UST and bLUNA/LUNA liquidity pools.
  • 0.093 DPX from Dopex as reward on my shares of the DPX/ETH liquidity pool, DPX staking.
  • 1550 TWD from Pylon.
  • 117 XDEFI from Pylon.
  • 0.87 LUNA from Terra as staking reward for my LUNA.
  • 794 WHALE from Pylon.
  • 1363 GLOW from Pylon.
  • 4.75 JUNO from my JUNO staking.
  • 1450 MINE from Pylon.
  • 676 LOOP from Pylon.
  • 2.48 HNT from my Helium access point.
  • 353 VKR from Pylon.
  • 41 CRO from Crypto.com as staking reward for my CRO.
  • 2.60 SNX from Celsius Network as interest on my SNX.
  • 0.77 DOT from Celsius Network as interest on my DOT.
  • 0.37 AXS from Binance as locked staking reward on my AXS tokens.
  • 4.47 CEL from Celsius Network as interest on my CEL, 0x and UNI tokens.
  • 0.191 ATOM as staking reward from my ATOM.
  • 451 LUM from Lum Network as staking rewards.
  • 23 ATLAS from lending ATLAS at Francium on Solana.
  • 0.0004 ILV from Binance as staking reward on my ILV tokens.

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the received monthly crypto interests: 

Interest history

Regarding the interest composition CRV(32%), CVX(15%), OSMO(7%), SAYVE(5%) are the top contributors. The remaining 29 sources are around 40%.

Interest composition

Transactions realized

Beginning of the month,

  • I added around $21K new investment to the portfolio. I invested them on the Convex Finance ibCHF/sCHF liquidity pool for around 20% APY.
  • I also moved most of my stable coins from the UST/3pool to the ibCHF/sCHF liquidity pool on Convex Finance
  • I received the third part of my ZKP tokens from PantherProtocol, still lower than the price I purchased them originally. I continue to stake them until the first product gets released.
  • I claimed my Convex Finance rewards to benefits from low gas fees and relocked my CVX on the new Convex Finance contract to benefits from the next Votium bribes.
  • I claimed my Votium bribes (twice in the month) and reinvested the rewards into cvxCRV on Convex Finance.
  • I claimed my MINE reward from Pylon and convert them as ASTRO to stake them on Astroport,
  • I also swapped to ASTRO various liquidities I had on Osmosis to stake them on Astroport

Middle of the month,

  • I moved my WBTC from Curve to a vault at QiDAO on Fantom. I then borrowed around $35K against these WBTC that I moved in the MAI/USDC liquidity pools for around 15% APY. QiDAO also provides an additional 5% incentives to borrow against WBTC. 
  • I swapped my EURS for EURT on Convex Finance as the yields was decreasing a lot. 
  • I received the FPIS airdrop from Convex Finance that I converted to FXS and moved in the cvxFXS/FXS liquidity pool on Convex Finance
  • I converted my COW airdrop into CRV and staked them as cvxCRV on Convex Finance.
  • I unstaked half of my LUNA to refract and stake them on Prism protocol for between 20 and 30% APY.

End of the month,

  • I moved my rETH/ETH LP tokens from Convex Finance to Lend Flare and borrowed some ETH against them. The reason is that the rETH price is around 15% lower than the ETH price and this liquidity pools does not bring any interesting reward anymore. I still think that rETH will regain its real value when the Ethereum merge happens, but it will take a while...
  • I moved the borrowed ETH on fantom in QiDAO in a second vault. I borrowed around $50K against the ETH that I also moved in the MAI/USDC liquidity pools for around 15% APY. QiDAO also provides an additional 10% incentives to borrow against ETH.
  • I moved $3K of UST from Anchor to Aperture Finance to be invested in a Delta-neutral-mETH strategy.

Evolution of the portfolio value

  • The portfolio finished the month with a loss of $71K which is -11.2%.
  • If we look at the performance of the main components of the portfolio, the portfolio did better than all thanks to its large stable coin allocation: LUNA(-20%), CVX (-19%), BTC(-16%) and ETH(-13%).

Portfolio evolution

  • The stable coin allocation is now 30.6% which is fine. 
  • The ETH/BTC allocation is around 46.5%, which is inline with my 40-50% target range.
  • CRV/CVX/BTRFLY allocation is around 8% and decreased this month. My target is between 10-15%.

Portfolio allocation

The portfolio value still has a conformable margin (+102%) compared to the value invested + earning received.

Capital invested vs portfolio value

The portfolio performance of -11.2% this month is lower than the average which is around +11%:

Portfolio performance


Things to look forward in May

In May, I'm looking forward to evolution of the macro situation. I'm planning to monitor my new QiDAO vaults and optimize the rewards from the borrowed stable coins. If I will continue participating to the Curve war, I will probably participate to the new Astroport war and maybe also to the Balancer war as well...

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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

This blog tracks the evolution of my token portfolio. In includes a transparent list of apps, services, tokens, transactions I'll be doing while trying to manage this portfolio.

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