Yesterday: I am Relieved

By charmingcherry08 | My Story | 23 Oct 2020

Yesterday, as I woke up, I looked on my reminder board. There's nothing about school works out there. Just those tasks I need to finish to help my cousins on their module.

As get out of bed and cooked my breakfast, and then visited some of the paying apps and sites I am in while eating. Don’t tell me I don’t know the etiquette when in the dining table, lol. So, let’s get back to the story. I ate my breakfast and checked out some of the paying apps and sites. After that, I checked my messenger for announcements from our professors. Gladly, we don’t have any weekend activity to be passed. I can do whatever I want on weekend. After breakfast, I played mobile games for how many minutes because I just do it maybe once or twice a week. Sadly, I lost three stars in mobile legends.


I think I have enjoyed my time enough, and I should focus on helping my cousins in their school requirements. I started doing my cousin’s activity in his modules. I remembered the subjects, Physical Science, Earth and Life Science, and Understanding Culture, Society and Politics. I answered the exercises and activities in it like I was the one enrolled. But, I also make sure that my cousin is aware with the lectures in the module. I also ask him sometimes and I just put his answers into words. After that, my other cousin came. He asked if I could help him with the assessment given to them. It looks more likely a periodical exam. We answered his assessment, oh, I gave the best I can in answering and teaching him on those questionnaires. I love Mathematics, so I enjoyed answering it though. The only subject I enjoyed answering, lol.


As we finished answering, it is my me time once again. I opened my phone ang watched my favorite series, so I could relax. I only watched one episode since I decided to make some snacks for myself. I made an egg sandwich and I must say it’s perfect in my taste. I tried talking with my Mom and other members of the family who was here too.


In the evening, we watched some movies together. It happens once in a blue moon since they are used on looking at me while I am busy tapping my keyboard or looking into my laptop studying the lessons and modules given to us. So, last night, we really enjoyed watching movies. We love watching horror movies and sometimes thriller, by the way.


This is how I enjoyed my day yesterday. That is why I entitled this article as “Yesterday: I am Relieved”.

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My Story

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