My "Lesson-learned"

By charmingcherry08 | My Story | 28 Sep 2020

Have you met a person and you consider them as a lesson to you? Maybe some of you met too many of them. But to me? I have met only one person but got too much lessons left on me. This is my story.

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We were classmates during junior high school, and we never had a thing back then. Until one day, he messaged me and asked, "Kumusta?" or simply how are you in English. I thought it would just be a simple conversation of two batchmates who were curious about how they have been through the years. But, the conversation continues the next day and the next weeks. We talked about nonsense stuff, talked about future, and everything that two people could talk about. And it took months. I became comfortable with him. I became comfortable that I let my guard down. I fell in love.

Image by Bingo Naranjo from Pixabay

As usual, he courted me. Bought me flowers. And met my family. To cut the story short, we committed ourselves with each other. But, things have changed after then. I can't explain into words how toxic he was. The way he treated me was way too different. Every time he gets mad, he throws hurtful words and even told me I'm a slut even if I am not. Again, he was toxic. But I refused to walk away from him. I always wanted it to be worth it, the pain and sacrifices I have given at first. So, I decided to still look on the possibility that he'll change. It took months of pain, sleepless nights, and cries. Until I saw the changes in him. He really changed, but sadly, so did I.

I once read that sometimes the more you forgive the person, the more he/she loves you. On the contrary, the more you forgive them, the more you also pushes your self away from them without you noticing it. And it happened to me. I broke up with him.



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My Story
My Story

These are what happened to me in real life. These are my story.

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