First week of November StakeCube rewards

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 11 Nov 2021

Hello and welcome back to another update on my portfolio! So,I finished October with 6.3 $ staked. My goal for this month is 7 $. 

For this, I will post here just the staked coins that return me from $ 0.01 or almost.


As we can see, on 1 November my portfolio was worth 0.00349 BTC, meaning a value of 215 $.

Don`t forget that all of this money is from faucets and trading the coins on the StakeCube platform.

My biggest income is again the BTC with 1.03 $ in one week. 

SCC interest got me 0.13 $. And staking my BITB got me another 0.10 $.

What happened this week?

Well, on 9 November I bought another 6 BTC miners with 18.8 SCC.

I bought those for extra income. Usually I make around 1 SCC / day or more from trading profit. So if I want to buy just miners with my profit,I can do it every 4 days. 

What are my plans for this month?

Well, if my trades go well, I plan to have at least 30 BTC miners at the end of November. I own 20 miners at this moment, and they give me around 0.22$ / day. So if I can manage to buy another 10 , I expect to get around 0.30-0.33 $ / day . And with this results I should manage to got around 10 $ for the month of December just from miners. 


I will leave below some referral links with the faucets I use.

StakeCube - faucet, exchange,staking,masternodes,miners. 

GlobalHive - ZEC faucet with bonus for daily claiming

PipeFlare - ZEC,MATIC,FLARE faucet with games rewards in ZEC.

TrustDice - BTC,ETH,EOS,USDT,VITA-faucet with TXT dividends in EOS,USDT,ETH and BTC. - casino games

Bc.Game - free daily wheelspin with 1 BTC biggest prize , casino games

BetFury - 3 free boxes every 20 mins with BTC,BNB and BFG coins - casino games

FreeBitcoin - btc faucet, lottery and daily free spin

FreeLitcoin - ltc faucet, lottery

BTCPOP - many coins faucet, staking after claiming 

CryptoWin - btc faucet, 126 % interest in 3 months .

FaucetCrypto - 20 crypto faucet

CoinPot - faucet BTT,TRX,LTC

WomPlay - gaming platform, faucet, daily missions, EOS and BTC rewards.

Bothered Otters - "RPG" with SOLANA faucet

RollerCoin - One of the most interesting mining game with BTC,ETH,BNB,LTC,DOGE rewards for playing.

BitcoinMania - another mining game,really easy to get free BTC,ETH,DOGE coins for passive income

AutoFaucet - 58 faucet, with staking options


I hope i can reach my goal for this month . Hope i helped someone with those links and with this staking results. See you in a few days :)

Have a great week !



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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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