First week of February - StakeCube portfolio - The most promissing month

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 9 Feb 2022

Hello, my dear readers. I know it is a while since the last time I updated my stakecube portfolio. I will start by presenting the first week's earnings and then make a resume about the month of January.


As you can see, now, I am focusing just on those 6 coins. I have some master nodes for ESBBC, FLS, and BTC2.

The best coin to invest in to have THE BEST return is PNY.

Currently, I earn around 0.9 % per day just for holding PNY in my portfolio on  StakeCube.

By far, the best thing I could do with my coins was to sell most of them and invest all the money into PNY. Just to remember, all the coins I have on stakecube are only from faucets, not a single $ invested from my wallet. Not investing anything and still making more than 5$ / week for doing nothing? That sounds too good to be true.

For those who will register with my affiliate link from the above, and plan to deposit some coins or just to use the platform for some time, I plan to reward you with some coins. My advice if you don`t wanna a deposit and just try the platform is: Claim from the faucet daily and make some profitable trades, and all the money, put in the PNY token to maximize the income. (leave a comment if you have been registered with my link and comment with your stakecube username)


Now let`s see last month income :


After the first half of January, I sold almost all of the coins and bought PNY. That thing resulted in the best decision I have ever made on this platform. The return is really massive. Around 27%/month ROY. Imagine double your money in under 4 months.

The month of January was the best performance of my portfolio. Last year I was thinking that if I can make 10-15 $/ month in the second half of the year I would be proud. Well, that will come true and even better. I think I would hit more than 20$ / month.

Let`s see the Staking Tracker .


From around 5$ / month in November, December to 14$ in January, without any deposit, I think was the right decision to make. As i said, in February i hope to see that over 20$.

Now, my total portfolio at the end of January was :


Increased the amount in sats of my portfolio, but with the BTC price decrease, my portfolio worth went from 170$ to 144$. But this is just a matter of time until I will go over 200$.

I need to thank all of you, my dear readers for keeping up with my progress, and I advise you to invest all the profits from the trades you make on the StakeCube platform into PNY. And don`t forget to claim from the daily faucets. Have a great month!


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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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