First half of October 2021 stake earnings on StakeCube

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 18 Oct 2021

Hello everyone! I had some problems and that is the reason why I didn`t post until now.

So, let`s check how my staking account doing and how much worth now my portfolio :

On 1 October, my portfolio was worth 0.00375 BTC, which was around 203 $. (Remember that all the money I have on StakeCube is only from faucets and trading the coins on StakeCube, so, for me it`s still a good amount )


In column A is the coin ticker, in column B we have the number of coins in the wallet on 1 Oct. Column C is the worth of the coins.

On D, F we have the amount of staked coins and in E and G the value of them.

I am so glad to see growth from the last month. For the 1-15 October I got 3.126 $ just for staking.

Last month I got 5 $ from staking, and I can say that for this month I will get around 6$, so, a growth of 20 %.

The reason why I got 0 from RDD, ESBC, and PNY is that these were on trading for 6-7 days (buy orders) because I had some problems and couldn`t have access to my laptop, that`s why I didn`t post earlier this post.


So, as always I will leave my affiliate link here, anyone that wanna join on stakecube with my link is welcome <3! Thank you for reading this post guys! 

I love all my readers <3 If you have some suggestions for me about posting,u are free to leave a comment bellow :)

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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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