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The first time I saw Telegram I was completely in love with it. How not fall in love with something that is perfect? I do not remember how I got to Telegram, if it was on the recommendation of someone or I saw any news about it, I really do not remember. But from the moment I installed it, I knew it was a thousand times better than WhatsApp.

I have a friend who defined it as follows:

“Telegram is like an informal conversation, in a classroom. Where everyone can share and laugh for a while. WhatsApp is for something more personal, to have a coffee in the morning and talk with your wife if she is far away "

Its definition seems poetic to me, but I do not share it in many respects. Telegram has become the preferred messaging application of many, even above WhatsApp.

Telegram is a messaging and VOIP platform developed by the brothers Nikolái and Pável Dúrov. It is focused on mass communication, sending files, and focused on messaging.

Initial Release: August 14, 2013

Some things I love about Telegram, below:

Unlimited online storage

Surely you have wondered on more than one occasion, where the Telegram servers could be. It is incredible to see how you can have unlimited storage space in your channel, group, or in your saved messages. Everything is in the cloud. If you want to find something, it's on Telegram. Movies, series, documentaries, applications, software, etc. Everything is there, free for you.


Users do not care where all the information that we are uploading is going to end up because the only thing that matters is that it works. As long as you connect to it from anywhere, your files will be there, even if you have hundreds of GB of information stored there. The most curious thing is that it is completely free. Then come the conspiracy theories that they are spying on you and selling the information.

Although Telegram does not explain very well where these servers are, it does make it clear that they are leased in all parts of the world, and that they are available to them. That is the case of your conversations it is impossible for others to see them, due to the end-to-end encryption that the application itself has.

The money that makes all this possible is through donations, and the creators also founded the most famous social network in Russia, called VK. The money that makes it possible for Telegram to continue working and that we can enjoy that unlimited space in the cloud completely free.

Groups with unlimited members

Perhaps one of the most exciting is that it has the ability to have unlimited users in groups. Any group that exceeds 200,000 users can become a transmission channel without a limit of users.


WhatsApp only allows a scant 250 users per group. The difference is without a doubt abysmal. The convening power of Telegram is impressive. I have seen channels with thousands of users, but I have never seen one with more than 100,000 even. It must be total madness Ahah.

Animated Emojis and Stickers

I think the one I like the most of all, is without a doubt, the animated emojis. A while ago they were just emojis, they didn't have animation. But Telegram is always on the move. So this feature came along and it was really exciting. The fluidity of its animations makes it a total show.


When you want to send an emoji, it also gives you options according to the sent emoji, it gives you the suggestion of animated stickers. Here the quality already exceeds reality. Endless stickers that we can choose from, which are overwhelming. The quality and originality of their animations make it almost impossible to select one because you love them all.

Use of bots

This feature is a real gem. Just great. Besides the fact that anyone has programming knowledge or not, they can develop a bot for their needs, it is the best thing that Telegram has. They automate processes and help keep everything under control with their well-defined functions. There are already bots created with infinities of functions that you can put at your disposal.


This is what definitely makes Telegram something different and special above its competitors. If you can imagine a bot, do not imagine it, look for it there, it is surely already programmed and waiting for you. There are bots for absolutely everything. If by chance the one you are looking for is not there, you can create it yourself!

Constant updates

This feature of Telegram is essential. It is always in constant update. As if that were not enough, each new update is a number of totally new creations. Even now in the last update, they included a space for spoilers that annoy so much. The user is free to touch it to reveal its content.


Not to criticize, but I don't remember much of a WhatsApp update that made me happy. Quite the opposite happens with Telegram and how happy we are with each update that improves the user experience much more.

Other features

There are hundreds of characteristics that make Telegram a unique application. There is nothing anywhere on the internet that simply resembles it even close. Features such as scheduled messages, messages that self-destruct, user photo gallery on your profile, even anonymous surveys, the possibility of being anonymous, and that no one knows your cell phone number, among many others.


Despite everything, I recognize that many still use WhatsApp to communicate. Not everyone has Telegram or just feels a bit overwhelmed by so many options to choose from. I use both. Tell me about you? Are you full-time on Telegram?



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