Symbiosis: Swap Any token to Any token

By Infinity_0 | My_Space | 23 Mar 2022

First impression: “Green, I love you green”. Entering the website and looking at its intense light green color, with its retro-style typography, will make you stand out. We have already been used to websites with another super “elegant” design and in the end, it does not work even the most basic thing that it promises. This is not the case. Even the mouse gets a gadget with an octopus next to it, which makes it more interesting since it is the logo that identifies it. I bet most people don't know that they could drag all over the screen, the cards that are there, waiting for you to read them. I loved it when I discovered it. It has already happened, despite its simplicity, to like me for that. At least she already has my full attention to continuing discovering about her. Now everything begins.



“Symbiosis is usually identified as long-term mutualistic relationships that end in evaluation. By analogy, in sociology, symbiosis can refer to societies and groups based on collectivity and solidarity. General definition.

If you look at the definition of the word itself, that's basically what's going on here.

Symbiosis is a multi-chain AMM DEX and liquidity protocol. It is decentralized and we all already know the advantages of this. This word is pure gold. Its main function is to allow users to swap assets between all the blockchains while remaining the sole owners of the funds. This means that your money remains in your possession at all times. In addition, you can do all this with a simple click.

I am sure that on more than one occasion you have found yourself in the difficulty of sending your cryptos from one network to another or exchanging them for other tokens. This becomes quite cumbersome on many occasions. Personally, the first time it happened to me, I used precisely Challengy. In the end, it worked, but I still remember the transaction fee plus its delay. I don't know if it has improved since then, but the personal experience was not very pleasant. I understand that in the crypto world everything requires, but when it takes a few seconds longer than expected and your cryptos do not reach their destination, you start to sweat all over the body.

The Symbiosis protocol meets the following requirements:
  • Simple, Uniswap like user experience
    No additional wallets, long waiting time, or extra steps to proceed with a swap.
  • Fully decentralized
    No central party can stop the Symbiosis protocol or censor users from accessing it.
  • Interoperable
    It connects every blockchain that gets enough market attention. Our ultimate goal is to bridge all networks together.
  • Non Custodial
    No one (including the Symbiosis team) has access to users' funds.
  • Limitless cross-chain liquidity
    It targets as many token pairs as possible across all blockchains while providing the best prices for swaps between any arbitrary token pair.
What is under the hood

There is a high-level scheme of the Symbiosis protocol.


Supported blockchains on Mainnet
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC),
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
Supported blockchains on Testnet
  •  Ethereum (Rinkeby),
  •  Binance (Testnet)
  •  Polygon (Mumbai)
  •  Avalanche (Fuji),
  •  Huobi Eco Chain (Testnet)
  •  OEC, formerly known as OKExChain
Coming soon:
  • Solana
SIS Token

SIS is the protocol token of Symbiosis. It is deployed on Ethereum and used for:

  • Staking to run a node in the relayers' network.
  • Governing the Symbiosis DAO and DAO Treasure.

It is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGeko. It is currently priced at $1.24.

All-Time High: $5.59 - 77.6% - Jan 16, 2022 (2 months)
Historical low: $1.19 - 5.7%   - Mar 15, 2022 (8 days)



The interface is simple. Basically focused on doing things as quickly as possible, with the least effort. Different wallets can be linked: Metamask, XDEFI, COIN98, Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet, ONTO Wallet.


I immediately linked my Metamask wallet, just like any other platform, and there were my Polygon tokens. I wanted to change the USDT that I have in Polygon to $SYS, and it's really quite simple.


Approve and change. Just a few clicks and you're done. Can you ask for more?

Yes, I think so: I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.


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