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The Coinpot journey


As detailed in the my first post I have entered into a bunch of faucet sites. I decided to start with Coinpot in part because my strategy is fairly straightforward, and because it was actually the first I got into.

What is it?

Coinpot is a miro-wallet site where 5 crypto can be collected (BTC, BCH, DOGE, LTC and DASH) and its own token. The site itself doesn't have faucets, but the Moon faucet sites (and two others) send automatically their earning to it. Furthermore, it has the standard things with theses sites, a lottery (1 ticket costs 1 token) and a multiplier game.


The Moon faucets are good, there is a 5 min timer, but they continue to grow over time, obviously the closer to the 5 min the more you can earn, so how often you want to claim is up to you. For me I settled into going to each a couple times a day, making sure not to lose the loyalty bonus that I have. Bitfun functions in a similar way, while for the Bonus Bitcoin the timer is 15 min.

Moon Doge

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon Dash

Moon Bitcash


Bonus Bitcoin


One interesting feature of the site is the challenges, where you can earn tokens (that can be converted to the other coins) for doing certain activities like claim from the faucets or rolling in the multiplier game. Some of these are dailies and these are the main source of earnings for me,. 

The multiplier game is a simple game where you bet that the number generated is above or bellow a given threshold. This can be set so that you have 50 / 50 odds of winning, the payout is of course 1x so you wouldn't make money on its own. But as I said above there are challenges for the multiplier game. So my strategy is simply completing the multiplier challenges up to 100,000 rolls / 100,000 staked tokens and receiving the corresponding tokens, a total of 2100 tokens, which equate roughly to 2200 satoshi. Now because we are doing rolls we are at the mercy of the random numbers gods, and from my experience on average I have gotten 84 % of this ammount, or 1764 tokens (1879 satos = 0.154 €).

challenges for multiplier game


Extrapolating these earnings we get 4.62€ per month and 56.21€ per year using the multiplier challenges alone. To this you would add the faucets earnings.

My Earnings

So strategy is all well and good, but better is actual results. I have withdrawn a couple times without any incident both to binance and atomic wallet. To date these were my withdrawals, over a bit over a month of activity (note only refined my strategy a couple weeks ago):

  • BTC: 0.00051339 (4.229 €)
  • LTC: 0.00276184 (0.110 €)
  • DASH: 0.00236870 (0.151 €)
  • Total (4.49 €)


Coinpot is a good way to earn a bit of crypto without much work, it is a solid foundation to dip the toes on the crypto space, and these earnings can then be used to create other passive income streams that exist and are becoming more popular like staking or deFi. 

Hope your are all well!


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My Road to Cryptocurrency
My Road to Cryptocurrency

Here I will detail my journey into crypto, both learning about it and my utilization of faucet sites and others like it to get a foot in the race. :)

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