How High Can Ethereum go this Market Cycle?

Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about Ethereum price prediction that is realistic for this market cycle. I'm seeing all kinds of predictions out there, some say $10,000, others say $20,000, I'm even seeing some big YouTubers calling $50,000 or even $80,000. So I'm going to show you a few realistic scenarios based on charts.



The Ethereum price today is $2129 USD. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2, with a live market cap of $245 123 685 129 USD. It has a circulating supply of 115 357 062 ETH coins and the max. supply is not available.



Here is the logarithmic scale of the Crypto Market Cap. Based on this chart, we can assume that the market(positive scenario) will peak at 8-10 Trillion dollar market capitalization. Now we have almost 2 trillion market cap so I can assume that the Crypto market cap will do 4-5x. Ethereum price is right now around 2130$ which means that ETH can possibly reach 10,000$. Of course, it can be much less or much more. It really depends on how fast we can get to this green line. The longer it takes cryptocurrency assets to trend to this green line the higher we will get in my opinion.


We can also look at the ETH/BTC chart. This is not necessarily the fairest way to do things, because back then supply was different for example, but it really doesn't affect that much in my opinion. If the ETH/BTC valuation makes it back to around 0.1 then if Bitcoin goes to $100,000 (for example) then that gets us $10,000 ETH. Also, we should remember that the Bitcoin peak is earlier then ETH peak which means that Bitcoin can reach for example $100,000 and go down let's say to $90,000, and after that ETH/BTC valuation will reach 0.1 then that gets us $9,000 ETH. We can also speculate that the Bitcoin price will reach $200,000 and that gives us around $18,000(I assumed that the price will go down $20k), which is really unrealistic, to be honest, because $18,000 ETH means that the market cap of ETH will be above 2 Trillion. If the market cap of ETH will be above 2 Trillion then All Crypto market Cap will be around 18 Trillion which is absurd comparing to our first chart.




To sum up my price prediction for ETH is around $12,000. Even if the realistic price prediction should be around $7,000-$9,000 well I think that this market cycle will last longer than we think, that's why my prediction is very high. Remember, the longer this cycle takes the better results we can get.

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Fizz on my Jayce

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