My free $647 Crypto Portfolio!

By acornsportfolio | My Random Thoughts | 26 Apr 2021

9125ed4561f7196926843ddbaced12688255b5b90960a05cd58afa9f69dbf0ff.pngf4ca591ed05bf92044df39c09ed1b676ff963c65610de322339cdd7462927e98.png30e848f8bb98b9336ce921a50407d9fcfbb74dd01e3f828cda99361f0b921d53.png84ec804eddfa9e7d4ce15f5afd2994d745cd1af9cd792c5397a758a32fb6eed7.pngWanted to share my FREE $647 crypto portfolio with you guys. Yes I said FREE! You ever get those notifications from Coinbase saying something like “earn free Zcash (or other crypto) for watching videos and taking a test? Well, I do all of those and I guess I never sold lol.

To be honest, I would do them hoping I would find the next bitcoin and of course that never happened BUT I did get some good gains! I’ll share some pictures of what I have and how much I got at the time of payment so you can see how much it’s gained.

To be fair, the Bitcoin and Ethereum I have was from a one time purchase but everything else was completely free! I’m still not entirely sure of what I’m doing but it’s really fun learning along the way! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Trey

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My Random Thoughts
My Random Thoughts

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