EURO 2020 Day 9 & 10

By DeanK. | My football predictions | 19 Jun 2021

I missed another day, I apologize for that, sometimes I can't make it on time. But here we are and I will write about tomorrow also because I am not going to make it tomorrow. So this is 2 in 1.

Day 9

Hungary - France

Hungary were good at the first game and were able to keep Portugal for a long time. But I don't think that France is going to risk it and go all out  from the beginning. And they were not that good in the first game so this is now to show us if they are really good or not. My prediction is 0:4.


Portugal - Germany

This should be a lot more interesting game then the one between Germany and France in my opinion because France were just waiting for counter attacks. I think that won't be the case here, but Germany is missing 2 key players. 1 to create chances and 1 to execute them. That was their problem with France and I think it will be the same again. My prediction 3:1


Spain - Poland

Both teams failed to impress in the first game, and both teams were expected to impress. And to finish top. Now one of them most likely has to go. It is going to be an interesting circle, but Poland has nothing to lose now and has to go for the win. And I think that we are going to see a couple of goals with Poland getting the win. My prediction 1:2



Day 10

Final games. All or nothing

Italy - Wales

Both team impressed me. I expected Wales to win at least 1 game, but I did not see this coming from Italy. They were amazing. And I think that they will go for 3 from 3. They won't hold back and I think that Wales might. Italy is going to win here and my prediction is 2:1.


Switzerland - Turkey

Turkey has to win. So far they did not show any sign on having at least a desire to win. They were awful. The Swiss had a good game against Wales, but were awful against Italy. And if they win they may be second, depending on how Italy vs Wales is going to finish. But both team have to win, because being 3rd place with 2 points means that you are not going trough. So draw is not an option. But I still hope that Turkey will finally play as they were playing in the qualifiers and manage to score a couple of goals. My prediction 3:2


That is it for today and tomorrow. Feel free to leave your opinion below.


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