EURO 2020 Day 6

By DeanK. | My football predictions | 16 Jun 2021

The first round of the EURO is finished. And I also finally got 2 correct. And was close on the scores also (if France scored goals that were not offside :D)

We are going in to the second round and there should be no more playing to draw or waiting till the last minutes to attack. We should have amazin football from now on. Lets see what today is bringing 


Finland - Russia

Finland won against Denmark, but under different circumstances. As soon as the players got back on to the pitch it was clear who is going to be the winner. And we all thought that the Denmark players decided to play on their own, but it turns out that UEFA showed its ugly face again, forcing them to chose. But now it is a different day, different game. I think Russia will be the winner on this one, but it won't be an easy one. My prediction 1:2 and I am going with a late winner for Russia.


Turkey - Wales

Turkey lost and played awful. Wales did a good job, even though Switzerland were the better team on that one. I am expecting a good, exciting game here with a lot of chances and a lot of goals. It it time for the Turks to start playing and Wales is the easiest team in the group. If there can be easy teams. And Wales have quick players and will be looking to use the counterattacks in their favor. My prediction for this one is 3:1

Italy - Switzerland 

Italy were amazing. Simply Amazing. The Swiss team also were good and this should again be an interesting game. Hopefully with a lot of goals. If Italy continue with their game, just as with Turkey then we are going to enjoy. And they are hoping to top the league so I am guessing they will go for a win here. My prediction 2:1


Feel free to leave your opinions below and looking forward to what this day brings and to discuss with you.

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