EURO 2020 Day 11

By DeanK. | My football predictions | 21 Jun 2021

We entered in to the final games of the group stages. And already have 2 confirmed and maybe even the third. It all depends how the other games will finish but most likely Switzerland is going trough. And Turkey managed to disappoint me one more time. But lets focus on todays games.


Macedonia - Netherlands 

Netherlands are already qualified and are first place no mater the result. And this is the last game for the Macedonians, maybe in a long time in an European Tournament. And the last game of Goran Pandev. So I do believe and hope that we are going to manage to get our first point. My prediction 2:2


Ukraine - Austria

Both teams are going trough with a draw. But they are going to risk it because, only 4 3rd places teams are going trough, and there is a possibility that more that 4 teams will have 4 points. So it will go down on goal difference. Both teams have 0 goal difference, but Ukraine has more goals scored and will be second if they draw. So I think that Austria won't risk it and try to win.  But I think that Ukraine is going to win this one. My prediction 2:1


Finland - Belgium

Belgium are qualified. Only thing is if they are going to be first or second. Because even if they lose to Finland and Russia wins against Denmark, then 3 teams will have 6 points and have won against one or the other. But Belgium has better goal difference and they are going trough no matter what. And the third team will go because with 6 points you are going trough no matter what. That thing said I think that Belgium is going to win. And if Denmark wins against Russia then another group will form with 3 teams having 3 points and won against one or the other. So it is going to be an interesting group. My predictions for this game is 1:3


Russia - Denmark

I do think that Denmark will manage to win here and create a circle, but in that case only the second team will go on because the third will have only 3 points. And with 3 points you are not likely to go trough. But I think that the Denmark team have recovered enough and will win this on and after the goals difference will decide. So They will need a lot of goals. My prediction is 1:4


And with that 3 groups will have finished their games and we will see who is going to qualify. Looking forward to a interesting day.

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