Wayne's ghost series story

the haunted butchers

We walk towards a large cold building down the road of terror and down a dark alley of horror.  The horses see a building within the distance  and notice the smell of horror coming from the dark cold night of ghost city.

The horses walk towards the dark building and push open the door seeing a  counter  with a red  till standing on it.  I turn towards lutient  megs and hold her tight whilst she shivers in terror at the cold buildings intense dark red structure all about.

We  carry on walking through the cold dark shop  to another room out the back area and see a large wooden  table with a butchers knife sticking inside it. I hold onto luitent megs whilst we all look carefully around the dark room for anything strange .

At that moment a figure appears from the darkness  and stands looking at us with its purple eyes and  disfigured face face laughing at our cold tired bodies.  The horses tell us to run so we  dash towards the door to the shop but it slams shut while the ghost starts to move towards us

The horses kick open the door and we run back into the front of shop standing in a dark corner of terror.  I suddenly start to feel a sensation of terror and notice lots of dark figure moving about the shop and walk towards us whilst we  hide in the dark corner.

We make a run towards the entrance but a butchers knife comes flying out of the back shop and aims towards us while the horses put on the force field to protect us.  The room suddenly becomes filed with dark ghosts swirling around the room laughing and shouting  while the horses try to kick the door open. 

After a few minutes in the butchers of terror we escape when the door comes crashing down onto the cold dark road of ghost city.  We quickly run out on to the cold path of horror and  walk down the road and away from the dark butchers ghost of hell

written by wayne mockler
ownership and coyright wayne mockler 

  the haunted cafe

We walk further  down the cold dark road of terror and see another building standing in the distance along a  small pond of evil. The horses walk over to take a look whist we stand  looking form the dark road.

After a few minutes we slowly walk up  to the big orange building standing near  some  hills of horror.  The horses walk up and open the door and see a very old café with wooden  tables and chairs made of  silver around the room.

We walk into the room and see  the red walls all around us and a  counter made of  gold with a large dark till sitting on it.  The horses walk up towards and it open by itself and start to move across the room  and landing on a cold dark table.

The horses stand back towards the corner while me and Lieutenant megs cringe in terror behind the brave horses. At that moment we see a figure appear from the cold dark corner of the café and walk towards  and starts to laugh out loud  at us hold its head  in its hands  with its distorted face looking at our scared bodies.

We start to run towards the café door but chairs and tables suddenly come alive and block our way of escape.  The horses fight with the chairs pushing some into the wall whilst trying to make our great escape.

I push open the  café door only to confronted with another ghost on the foyer a old man wearing  a sailors uniform  his  face cut from side to side and body  hanging to one side.  we all push past knocking the ghost over  and down towards the  dark road.

The ghost figure looks at us with intense anger  whilst a table comes out of the café and aims towards at high speed.  The horses put on their force field while we stagger away from the café of horror and down the dark road of ghost city.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler


  cinema of horror

We walk along the ghost road of horror and see another old building standing in the distance.  The horses quickly walk over to take a look and push open the door.
We all enter into this cinema and  see the gold kiosk in the dark corner of terror.  I hold Lieutenant, megs whilst the horses take a closer look at the old kiosk. 

The horses look closely and see a figure standing behind the kiosk desk look at us with intense anger.  We walk slowly  over towards the figure and notice its jaw dropping towards  its neck and red eyes stare at with intense terror. 

At that moment the figure starts to move closer towards us walking out of the kiosk and looking at us with evil intent. The horses tell us to run and we enter through another door and into  the cinema  with its gold walls and gold seats stand out in the darkness of a strange building.

We look around the cinema and see other figures walking around it with their heads down and wearing black uniforms. The horses take us to the cinemas exit but the ghosts shine a light  and we see their twisted faces looking at us with horror. 

The horses take us towards the  front door of the cinema whilst the ghosts scream and shout whilst throwing popcorn and other objects at us. We scream in terror while the horses  kick open the door and we escape into the dark road of horror.

We all  fall onto the cold wet  road of horror whilst the ghost fly about  in the cinema. the horses take us down the road  hearing the screams of terror coming from the  cinema of horror.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's  Ghost city story's series
Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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