Trapped inside the ghostly world of the spirit vampires

At that moment the wall of nothing begins to  show distorted shadows walking about the evil room while we clamber towards the locked doors of terror.  All of a sudden a yell shrieks out from a small burning fireplace  and strange vampire figures walk towards our terrified minds of torture before vanishing into the walls. 

I then hold luitent megs tight in my arms while a strange  yellow mist cover the entire room of evil.  The horses and silver prince then gasp with shock when the light suddenly flicker on to reveal a strange  inner castle  of mystery.

All of a sudden a red door opens up in front of our shocked eyes of torture  showing us a new strange castle  of red brickwork  under a dark roof of horror. The horses then lead our  shaking bodies inside the outer walls of the red brick castle while  strange  vampire figures fly in front of our tortured faces of misery. 

We all then walk along the evil red walls of terror until the  silver prince notices the swamp that surrounds  the castle exterior of evil.  At that moment  a silver knight begins to see strange creatures appearing from the grisly  yellow waters of horror and screams in panic. 

The horses then look down and spot  giant  red skeletons beginning to climb the castle walls of terror while we panic and hide under a dark wall of shadows.  Our brave horses then push our shocked bodies towards the red tower of evil while the  vampire skeletons begin to  climb over the red walls of capture. 

I  then grab hold of a shocked megs while the horses lead our  army up the steep steps of the mystery tunnel whilst the skeletons heads are begging to  change to  vampires body's of torture.  After getting so far up the evil tower the horses spot a  large orange door of mystery and open it up with their  super leg power. 

We then all run inside  the strange room of orange lights while  changing skeleton creatures fly up towards the towers dark top of torture. Our army then sit silent in this very old wooden room with bight orange light s whilst the vampires  slowly  creep back towards the evil water with a big splash of torture.

Our army then sit in the wooden room of orange lights while laser lights flash about our shocked minds of terror.  All of a sudden a tunnel appears inside a corner of the wall and we all stand back with complete shock and horror.

At that moment a large black creature with golden legs crawls out from the evil tunnel and captures two humans of mercy. The silver prince then  try's to fight of the creature but it stuns his body with a bout of evil.

All of a sudden the dark skeleton faced creatures begins to pull out the humans eyes of horror while we hang back in the dark corner.  The horses try and pull the door open with horse power but the lock is frozen solid.

I then hold luitent megs tight in my arms while the black four legged creature begins to break the screaming humans apart and eat their pure bodies of torture.  At that moment the brave horses put on their force field of safety while the creature creeps back down the  hole from hell with its defeated prey. 

Our army then sit in terror while the silver prince and his army continue  to break down the door of capture with their swords of mercy.  We then begin to notice more of the black creatures appearing from the dark hole of terror while the silver prince forces the ice cold lock open  with honour.

We all the run out from the cold dark room of terror and  go further up the tower of destiny until we reach the  top of terror.  At the top the horses notice a big long bridge of metal swaying in the cold frosty night of horror. 

Our army then run across the bridge of terror until we reach the red  grass of terror on the other side.  The evil dark creatures then sit looking at our tired bodies from the other side of evil torture.

After reaching the red grass of horror we begin to notice a golden palace in the distance  surrounded by a large golden pond of mystery. At that moment  a gang of golden vampires appear from a big dark building and start  to chase our tired bodies of torture. 

Our bodies soon fall down  in the thick red grass while the golden vampires capture with their large black nets of evil.  The silver prince and his army bravely fight with the creatures until our bodies collapse under the might of the vampires power. 

A strange looking golden vampire with dark eyes then orders our captured bodies are taken towards the blue prison near the golden palace of terror.  I then hold a shocked luitent megs shaking hands while we are  dragged through the thick red grass towards a big long orange bridge of mystery. 

Once at the big orange hump bridge the golden creatures suddenly stop and throw some red rocks inside the golden water below it with claws of hate.  All  off a sudden a large white creature with red glowing eyes  jumps up on the bridge before glaring at our captured souls of terror. 

The creature then vanishes into the big golden water below hissing with horror across its large red jaws of evil. At that moment the golden vampires make us cross the bridge in terror while the golden water ruffles  and pops with terror.

All of a sudden after getting half way across the white creature jumps out and catches two humans with its long deep claws of horror. We all then run across the bridge fast while the white monster rips off the humans heads and eats their bodies whole in the glowing gold water.

The horse then look on with shock  while the golden vampires push across the bridge and inside the blue jail of torture.  A shocked luitent megs then glares at the evil golden guards while they  pull open a woman's to to look at  her  glowing white bra and breasts of pleasure. 

We are then taken towards our cells of capture while the golden vampires glare with evil intentions  at  their captured  toys of torture.  Our army then sit together on the dark jails floor of evil while the horses walk around  looking for a way to escape

After a long night of pain in the dark cells of torture we are awoken by the sounding of loud horns of evil.  The horses then perk their heads up with shock when a flurry of guards come into our cell of torture with golden guns of evil.

All of a sudden the glowing golden vampires push our bodies out of the jail and walk us towards the big golden city of evil torture while we weep in shock and horror.  At that moment  the shop doors of torture flicker with evil terror and golden vampires appear everywhere in front of our tired bodies. 

The horses then stand beside our shocked minds until a strange creature suddenly begins to fly towards us from a large golden skyscraper of terror.  Our eyes then open wide with horror when the white monster of torture swoops down and captures  two human bodies of pleasure.

Our army then  hold their heads in shock when the white fang creature carry's its victims  towards a big golden  field of horrors.  I then hold a shocked luitent megs while our army is pushed towards the evil park to watch their evil torture. 

Me and the horses then hold back a shocked luitent megs while the  evil vampires crowd around to watch the  humans scream.  All of a sudden  a few golden vampires hold the humans arms and legs still while the  bone crunching white creature crawls towards the  captured mans  open chest of horror. 

We then listen the the pitiful screams of hell while the white creature rips opens his chest and pulls out his gaping bones of horror. The vampires creatures then cheer with evil horror while they drink the mans flowing blood on the field of torture. 

All of a sudden the screaming woman is pinned onto the red grass of terror while the golden vampires unbutton her  blue blouse  and unhook her white  bra with glory.  The white preying creature then suddenly shoot down upon her bouncing breasts of torture and rips open her body wit horror and hate. 

The silver  prince then pulls us all away in disgust while the creature begins to rip out her bones of torture while she screams for help.  A cluster of golden vampires then drink her flowing blood of terror  while the red sky  sets over the evil golden city.

Our army of brave warriors are then taken back towards the evil jail of torture  while the other vampire creatures drink the blood up the from the nightly field of terror.  After getting back inside the cold jail of horror  the guards  lock our cage and laugh at our shaken bodies of torture.

The following morning the evil red sun rises and the golden vampire guards pull our body's out in the glaring red sun of torture.  At that moment the  golden vampires begin to appear around our terrified bodies holding their golden claws up towards the beating red sun.

I hold a shocked luitent megs while our army is pushed towards a big  golden building of horror. The crowds of vampires then follow us with glaring red eyes of hate while we are  take towards a large dark metal gate of torture. 

A shocked silver prince then notices  the golden creatures forming a large queue outside the large red door of the globe  shaped building.  Our army of brave warriors are then dragged inside screaming for mercy while the vampire creatures outside  wait to get inside the  globe of evil torture. 

After getting through the dark gates of capture we are taken inside the the dark doors of evil towards the big globes stage of terror while the creatures begin to sit down with their  sweets of flesh  and  blood  cups  of  torture. We look on and glare at the evil globe filling up to capacity while the  fang toothed presenter watches our minds blow with  a sweating shock of terror.

All of a sudden the gloating vampire  guards of terror lead our army and the humans down towards the underground cells below while the  globe of horror fills up above.  our bodies are then placed inside the dark cells of capture while the sound of a deadly monster can be heard above flying about the  big globe of evil gore. 

We all huddle together and comfort the  humans of  torture while the evil fanfare rings out from the creatures carnival of terror.  All of a sudden the golden vampire guards appear with evil upon their  twisted minds and take  us all up towards the globe form hell while the golden vampires cheer above.

At the globe of hell the  windows shine golden  shadows while the vampire creatures get ready to watch our peril. The evil  creatures  then lead our army of brave warriors towards the stage of terror  while the vampires glow and shout for horror. 

I tend to a shocked luitent megs of shock while the vampires pull out two humans of torture and drag their tired bodies towards a dark chair of evil. At that moment the creatures coldly chop of their screaming heads of torture and hold the trophy's high towards the  watching crowd of terror. 

All of  sudden the golden vampires shout for the blood of terror while the stage vampires drain the humans blood to our screaming  warriors of torture. The horses then begin to stand beside our shaking  minds of terror while the  evil stage vampires pass about the blood of horror towards the crowd from hell. 

We al scream and beg from mercy while the standing vampires chant for more down their  dripping jaws of terror.  The silver prince then stand close  to our shocked minds while the creatures begin to chop up the humans body of horror with their golden spades of terror.

Our army look on in shock when the vampires  start to pass about their victims  bones and limbs of horror towards the praying thirsty golden vampires of the globe.  We look on with hate and sorrow when we are taken back towards our room of capture watching the evil vampires lick up the defeated humans last blood of mercy.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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