trapped in the alien bikers purple hills of horror

Our hands hold tight while the alien bikers ride with the speed of light towards the purple hills of horror. The red clouds roll with intense terror while our eyes watch  with horror at the approaching  hills of terror. 

I look at a shocked megs while the bikes ride towards  a secret passage in the purple hills of evil horror.  The passage door then slowly opens  while a wind of  blue mist blows out from its mystery of hell. 

The  alien bikers then ride their studded bikes inside the hole of horror while our army hold on tight with pressure.  After riding through the purple hills of horror we arrive in a secret  biker city  with thousands of the creatures watching from their  houses of horror. 

We all look with shock while the creatures ride towards  a large  red car park of evil in the city centre of horror.  After parking up at a  large  blue  blue canteen of evil  the creatures drag our handcuffed  bodies towards the red car park of evil  torture.

The alien bikers then chain our bodies towards a long sharp pole of terror  while the other leather clad creatures walk down from their city of evil.  An old leather clad creature of terror then walks in the car park swinging a  long  black chain of horror. 

Our eyes then glow with shock when the biker gang single out two  screaming humans for it's torture.  The  humans are then chained towards onto another long rail of terror while the leather clad creature swings  its long chain of evil pleasure. 

All of a sudden the creature catches the man on the side of his shaken head causing his body to fall with a large bang.  We al then look at the man and notice  half his head is missing while the woman scream for mercy. 

The evil alien  bikers then laugh whilst removing his pants and underwear towards the baying crowd of evil horrors.  L then  hold a shocked luitent megs while the  chain throwing biker  begins to rip off his doomed manhood of capture. 

All the creatures of torture then scream with delight while the alien biker holds up the  mans genitals towards its  brothers  and sisters of evil.  The woman then screams while the horses and silver prince plead with the  bikers from hell. 

Our eyes then beam with shock when the  biker swings his chain at the woman's  shoulder  before  cutting her her hand off with terror.  The  creatures then pin her screaming body on the red floor and rip  her top and bra off with evil pleasure. 

We then look on with open eyes of mercy while the creatures  cut off her firm breasts of modesty.  I then protect luitient megs  shocked eyes while the creature hold up her  decapitated breasts  in his  spiked hands of evil torture while the  monsters scream with pleasure. 

At that moment our bodies are taken down the long dark road towards a jail of capture and locked inside the bikers  golden cells of sorrow. We then just sit and stare at the bikers  long golden cell of capture while the creatures  shut the dark door behind our scared minds. 

After a long night of evil howling horrors  we are awoken  by the alien bikers riding their studded bikes  around a  circuit of evil.  We are then dragged out towards this  racing circuit of horrors while the evil bikers  gather to watch the show of terror. 

At that moment a fanfare of evil erupts and the creatures  begin to fill up the arena  of hatred around our eyes of terror.  Our eyes then  watch with shock while the  evil alien bikers  ride about the blue mud of torture.

The horses then notice a  crown wearing  leather clad creature standing on  a throne of metal studs near its  large bike of torture.  All of a sudden  the evil alien bikers  grab a clutch  of  humans and pull their bodies towards the tracks of torture. 

We then watch with shock while the humans are tied up on dark poles  of horror around the  racing track of terror. All of a sudden a dark flag flag waves in the misty blue fog and the aliens begin racing  around the circuit of horrors. 

Our army of brave army then suddenly begin to feel very cold while a  blue mist begins to cover the blue muddy racing circuit from hell. All of  a sudden the silver prince begins to hear screaming from on e of the dark poles  of capture and looks on in terror. 

I then hold a shocked luitent megs tight while a strange green shadow begins to patrol the tracks  of blue mud.  The screams then become louder while a yellow headed creature begins  to probe a screaming man before ripping his head from his live body.

Our eyes then open wide with terror while the man's blood spurts out  from his  tortured  torso.  The green monster then begins walking around each captured soul pulling their heads off one by one while the aliens scream and laugh with evil joy. 

We then plead for mercy while the creature gathers the humans body's and carry's them down its cave of capture under the aliens racing track of evil.  Our eyes then glow with anger while we are taken towards a cage of capture  near the side of the  evil track. 

Our army is then kept  chained in the jail of horrors while the alien bikers stagger towards their  cafeteria  of evil across the dark road of horrors. We all sit and watch while the creatures walk inside their large  red building of terror. 

All of a sudden the  leather clad creatures  walk towards our dark jail of capture and stare through the blue bars of capture at our shaken bodies of mercy.  One of the alien monsters suddenly starts to turn  the long handled key of capture while we all sit back in the corner pleading from mercy. 

The door of capture then suddenly opens and the alien creature begins to enter our cage of horrors while we  huddle beep inside the dark corner of safety.  At that moment more of the creatures enter our cage and begin dragging our bodies towards the red cafeteria across the dark road of horrors. 

We scream with shock when the creatures drag us towards it blue door of mystery  while l cuddle a shocked luitent megs.  At that moment the door suddenly  opens with a spring and we notice  thousands of the alien bikers standing inside this large dome of evil entertainment.

Our army is then dragged towards a long  spiral staircase of terror while the aliens dance and jive on the devils floor of evil.  We just glare with eyes of torture while the aliens crack their dark whips of torture at the floor of evil. 

The dark sounds of torture ring out from the DJs red box of tricks while the aliens jump about on their dance floor of torture.  Our army is made to sit on jagged chairs of horror whilst we are chained  to the blue table  of capture. 

All of a sudden the evil music stops and the aliens return to their seats of horror while the  complex  light flicker from side  to side.  A dark shadow figure then  enters the room of evil while the horses and silver prince look on with shock. 

I hold a shocked luitent megs by the hand while the figure moves into the bright lights of horror letting us see more of its shape. We then reel back in shock when we notice its a leather clad alien lady  moving its body about the dance floor of terror with green eyes of evil torture. 

We all sit and stare with shock and terror while it glares at the other creatures in the room before staring at our brave  army.  The alien creature then begin to dance and peel its leather  skirt off and watching the humans of torture.


Our eyes then watch with shock when the leather clad biker alien walks towards the terrified humans of torture. At that moment the creature pulls a shaking man from the chairs of capture  shaping his chains of capture in the process.

We then watch on with complete shock while the alien stripper  begins to drag his body towards the centre of the evil floor of torture.  A shocked luitenants eyes  glow with amazement  while the  alien pulls his body closer towards its  leather clothing of terror. 

The  creatures then scream with joy  while the monster begins to unbutton the mans white shirt with its green claws of terror.  Our eyes then watch with shock while the buttons begin to pop down onto the  dance floor from hell. 

A shocked horse then try's to save the man while alien bends over to reveal its  lacy thong of horrors.  I then hold a shocked luitent megs in my arms while the creature throws his body towards the flickering lights on the floor and rips open his pants with ease. 

Our army then bow down with shock  while the alien stripper mounts his captured body with ease.  A shocked luitent megs then watches while the alien biker  tears off his underwear  and touches his large penis with ease and horror. 

We try and beg for mercy while the creature grabs his testicles and  carry's his screaming body  towards a dark door of mystery over its long spiked  back.  At that moment another alien  biker crawls out before standing in the middle of the devils dancefloor. 

The  big muscle built alien creature  then looks at the shaking humans in the corner before grabbing a  long dark  haired  woman with ponytails.  We all then beg for mercy while it drags her screaming body towards the centre of the dance floor. 

A shocked silver prince then glares with anger while the creature suddenly strips  part naked and grabs the woman's shaking legs with  super force. The woman then try's to crawl away but the creature  alien monster climbs over her shaking body of capture. 

Our army  then beg for mercy while the alien creature begins to  tear open her button skirt to reveal her  pink polka  dot underwear of modesty.  The creature then continues to undress her screaming body  whilst felling her  modest breasts  with its  long green  hands of torture.

The shocked horses then plead with the aliens  to stop while the green body creature  slowly slips down her polka dot panties  with its long claws of torture.  We all then turn away in disgust while the alien creatures explores her  vagina before carrying her captured to the back door of evil. 

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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