The terror of the ice city pirate ship


We walk down the damp and cold caves of horror  and see another door with the ice mountain.  The horses turn towards us  and  point towards a frozen gold handle on the door whilst me and  lieutenant megs  glare with terror.

I walk towards the handle and try to turn it slowly but the handle seems very stiff with the  cold so the horses push the door forward with  their xray  eyes and it crashes onto the ice. 

We all walk through the  door and see a street made of snow and ice  with old houses on either side of the frozen road.  We wander down the old frozen street  and hear nothing but a cold silence  in the distance and empty  ice built rooms down from a dark cold blue sky.

I turn towards  lieutenant megs and say we have found a lost city in the mountain with the nodding heads of the horses looking on.  After walking a few miles down the frozen road of ice  we spot some strange figures looking out of the windows of a ice building. 

The horses stand forward to take a  closer look  and see  ice people wearing old  Middle Ages clothing and looking down upon us  with a glare of hate and deep  eyes that  glow  red in the cold  snow of despair. 

We all run down the frozen street and find  an old  frozen port  with an ice ship  docked  on the side.  The horses walk towards it for a closer look  and we all walk on board to explore.  We  go down below the frozen deck and see captains quarters with a frozen ice chair and table in the centre of the room.

At that point we hear a loud banging from the deck  and run  towards the door but it slams shut and we are trapped on the ship.  After a few moments the door opens  and a figure stands looking at us with an deep cold glare  and  snow path covering one part of his eye.

We are then  taken up on the ice deck  and placed into a  frozen cage and notice the ship has set sail and  loads of  ice people dressed in pirate clothing standing around  and laughing  and smiling with their cold grins looking down  at our cage.

The horses  turn towards us and point out this is a pirate ship and we have been captured by the ice pirates and take n hostage on ice planet. 

The ice pirates grab hold of me and  lieutenant megs and force us out of the cave with the look of terror on their cold faces. We are then strapped to a post whilst the ice captain looks at us with his cold eye and  frozen eye patch. 

The ice pirates gather around  us both  and removes our clothing  to the delight of a laughing captain and then push us back into the cage wearing old clothing.

The cold night falls and we are watched by  two of the ice pirates on a cold ice deck whilst the ship travel deep into the cold frozen sea of orange.  We all rest and wonder where we are heading to and what the pirates have in store for us on this journey

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler


The island of horror the icy zombies attack

We watch upon the frozen cold cage whist the pirates  sail the ship deep into the frozen sea.  The captain looks out in the frozen water and sees a distant land within the cold flowing frozen river. 

I turn towards  lieutenant megs and point out the water is changing  in the  icy sea.  The sea suddenly starts to turn a deep black and becomes more frozen solid whilst the pirates try and push the ship away from the island of horror. 

The horses point out we are been drawn closer  to the island of the frozen  zombies and  starting  to enter the black sea  of ice.  The ship gets pulled further inland towards the island and notice figures standing on the  edge of a frozen  cliff.

I shout at the pirates to let us out and the horses will try and save your ship but they ignore us and continue to get closer to the icy shore.  The ship enters  in land and stops close to a frozen lake and all the pirates jump onto land with their frozen weapons and start to kill the icy zombies whilst we watch from the frozen cage of terror. 

The pirates get  overpowered by the zombies  and we can hear screams of terror whilst each pirate is eaten by all the zombies. The horses have had enough and force open the frozen cage with their force field  and we all ride deep into  land of terror being chased by the ice zombies.

After riding long through the  snow filled  mountains  and across the frozen lakes  of this land we notice a  large ice building upon a large ice mountain and ride up towards it. 

We get towards this building  and break the ice lock and enter  whilst the horses secure the  doors and windows of ice.  I turn to
lieutenant  megs and tell her to rest  for a while.

At that point we suddenly start to hear sounds from outside  and thousands of ice zombies start to bang and push at all the windows looking through with a twisted icy smiles on their faces.

The horses notice a trap door with the ice flooring and force it  open and we  jump down it  and go deep into an ice tunnel travel down thousands of feet deep into ice horror. 

We come out into another  ice tunnel  which leads for miles  whilst the ice zombies break through  the house and look down the ice tunnel whilst entering it to chase us for their ice supper. 

The horses run fast through the ice tunnel with us on their backs  and notice a large door of  ice and we get through and lock  it with the ice zombies banging loud at the other end.  We move  along further and rest for a while wondering what and where we are going to go form here down the ice tunnel of terror

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

explore ice ghost city of terror

we walk along the frozen bridge of terror and look down at the frozen lake below and  see ice forming across the bank of the icy river.  The horses lead across and we enter  a derelict  checkpoint  made of ice and a road coated in snow leading down towards a  icy cold city. 

Walking down the icy road  l turn to lieutenant megs and comfort her in the deep cold and silent day  of calm.  After walking down the road  we are  looking out for any sign of life but only find a distant  chill in a cold  derelict place. 

We walk further down the  road and into the centre of the city looking around and shouting around for  a response. I look at lieutenant megs and point out nobody is here  but  at that moment we start to hear  loud noises coming from a  cold building behind us. 

I point this out to the horses but they see nothing about until    lieutenant megs  starts to see shadows appear from the  ice wall  moving towards us at very fast. The horses tell us to run fast but we are caught by the shadow figures and  feel the cold  run across our bodies  and  icy hands run up and down all over us. 

We start to run down the secluded streets and hear laughing  from behind us and  icy images of people start to appear in front of us.  The images are of old fashioned people wearing very old clothing  and their faces blank  emotions of anger watching us. 

The horses tell us to run fast towards a  ice building but we are thrown high into the air by  the ice ghosts  and  caught by our horses and  taken to the safety of a cold ice house.

We all lay in fear on the ice covered floor of this building whilst the ice ghost bang at the door and make  horrible sounds  at the window with their cold faces pushing against the ice glass glaring with evil intent. 

after a while the  quiet comes  and we sit and wonder what we will do to escape the horror of the  ice ghost.  We all lay down and rest  for the night  while the horses try and think of plan to  escape the ice ghost city.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler 

escape from the terror of ice gost city

We wake up on a cold icy morning  and look out  into the frozen city of horror and see thousands of  building made ice  down a snow  covered motorway.  The horses tell us to quickly move because the  ghost city people will be coming back for us. 

The horses step out of the frozen building of terror  and we all follow down a frozen snow path  and along  a sidewalk made of ice.  I turn to comfort  lieutenant megs  and we can feel the pressure of cold running down our bodies whilst a  wall of silence  holds  down across  a  chill city.

We all lead down the icy road  and head towards a large old building and see figures moving in and out of sight watching our every move.  The horses tell us to be quick because the ghost people are coming and we feel a strong wind of chill blowing down a snow filled road. 

The  air suddenly starts to become very cold  and we can see figures in the distance moving closer towards us  and shadows of black coming  across the buildings.  I turn towards  lieutenant and cover her body with my coat to protect her from the  ghostly  monsters whilst the horses force open a door and we escape into a frozen  room.

The horses push the door stiff with  ice  furniture  and keep the ghost people outside and us safe from terror.  We look around the old building of ice and see  lots of  old ice furniture and old pictures hanging from the walls across a snow built table in the middle of the room.

We walk towards the  snow built staircase and  walk up the ice steps and see  rooms everywhere  made of  ice and frozen door numbers  look upon us whilst we  shake with fear.  The doors  look very old and ancient from many years  with  different numbers on them and not in order. 

I turn towards one room and we open the door and looking through  see  a room of terror. A figure sitting down in an ice rocking chair moving very with it back turned  towards us start to mumble and churn strange words  in a  strange language 

The door suddenly shuts and locks us in the room whilst the horses stand  in front of me and  lieutenant megs while she holds on to my arm in terror.  The figure turns around and we see a ghostly old man with red eyes looking at us  with his body transparent and cold white smirk on his face.

we run towards the door whilst he starts to  move from the chair and onto the celling holding his hands high into the air.  the horses push at the door and opens in a flash and we fall out  into  a cold stairway with terror in our eyes. 

The door then slams shut whilst we run down the  cold steps of the stairs  and towards the front door.  I try and open the door but  it disappears from sight and we are trapped in the old house wondering what we will find  and  how to escape  from this  hose of horror.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler



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