the orange room of horror ghost city

We look around the bright coloured orange room of terror and see lots old furniture  in strange shapes    shining bright  towards the black celling.  The horses look around for any signs of ghosts and spot  something very  strange in the corner of the room.

A orange light suddenly shines out bright across the cold room  and hangs above our heads before  landing  in the centre of the room with an inferno of fire .  I  hold onto  luitenant megs whist the orange ball of  light suddenly hits the roof and leaves  a dark hole  from the celling of terror

The horses stand in front of us while a strange  red figure comes down from the roof  and standing in front of us  with smoke fire behind it.  The figure stands in front of us with  an evil smile  upon its face  looking at us with its big  red eyes and  large head. 

We run towards a corner of the room while the horses challenge it and stand guard over us with terror in their eyes.  The figure move closer with its  long claws  grasping out towards our scared hearts.

At that moment another strange figures comes out of orange walls a lady in grey with a large stone hanging from one side of hear head  and with large  broken legs swing  about the cold orange room.  We run towards another door of red to escape but get pushed back with the force of tornado inot the middle of the room.

The horses grab hold of us and push towards the door with the force of one hundred  horses. We all  hang onto the door trying to push it open whilst the ghost come closer and closer with laughter of evil hanging about our bodies.

We manage to push open the door and see another tornado of wind  coming towards us but with  the head of a  hangman dressed in black  on the top of it. the horses mange to push the door open and we land inside a room of red with fires all around  the place.

The door shuts tight with a loud bang and we all wander around the room of red wondering what will happen in this room of ghost city mansion. I comfort luitenent  megs while the horses walk around avoiding the fires of evil to search for ghosts.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

  the dark room of terror in ghost city

we stand and look around the dark room of horror and see nothing but black. The horses look around for signs of ghost but spot a strange light suddenly shine bright towards a corner of the room.

The horses stand in front of us before some strange figures appear from the darkness of horror. At that moment  a figure appears to the right of us.

We stand back in shock whilst the figure moves closer a  big large monster with  thick grey hair and large teeth hanging down towards its blood red mouth.  The figure moves closer towards us standing directly in front of the horses and  making howling noises  of evil.

A few more figures appear within the dark room of black with  no faces  and walking towards us in a very slow pace. The figures get closer and stand beside the monster from hell in their black capes and leather studded boots.

We all run towards another door in the room and try to kick it open while the ghosts and monsters  walk  with intent towards our scared  bodies.  I hold onto luitent megs while she screams in terror at the monster getting closer towards us.

At that moment we see something coming out of the celling  with the sound of  an intense hurricane coming towards us.  Another figure appears in front of us  a woman dressed in black with part of her  ear missing  and eyes of black staring deep into our brains.

We all push on the door  and lodge it open whilst the woman of dark and al the other ghosts  run towards us screaming at us  with faces of evil. after knocking the door open we fall into another room of orange while the other black room spins  around whilst  the door slams shut.

After resting for a few minutes we look around the bight old orange room for any ghost wondering what we are going to see next.  The horses inspect the room whist me and luitenant megs rest near an orange chair.
written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler


  the green room of war in ghost city

We look around the green room and see noting but green walls everywhere.  The horses look around for another door but don't see anything at all. 

At that moment a  black door appears from nowhere and  a dark figures walks out from it.  The figures walk towards  and into the light of horror looking at us with intense evil upon their minds.

We notice one of the figures looks like an old Scottish warrior with a big deep  cut  hanging down from its cold face of ice .  The horses tell us to move towards the corner for safety  whilst the  ghost starts to  drag itself towards  us while  being followed closely by the other  ghouls of evil.

One of the Scottish warriors  picks up its arm and point towards  the sky while  we see its  ravaged  hand of blood  hangs down from its broken body. I turn towards luiteant megs and hold her tight whilst she screams in terror. At that point  another door appears  across the  room under a  cloud of smoke .

Another set of war men come from the shadows  of  a blue door and walk towards the middle of the evil  room. The war men stand and look towards the others flashing their swords of torture  high into the air through a smoke filled room of terror. 

The English  walk towards the centre of the room some holding their decapitated heads dripping with blood  in their  arms.  We run towards the blue door whilst the ghost meet up with their eyes of orange and  staring back  at us whilst we try and escape the terror   

At that moment the blue door opens up and a cloud of smoke gathers all around the soliders  with  the  screams of horror echos around the building.  A tornado of light flows through the cold room  while we escape and fall into another dark room of black

The door shut tight and we are trapped in a  room of black  while the horses put on a torch to look around. We are amazed at seeing a very old room with everything in black  furniture and  chairs.

We sit and wonder what awaits us in this room of terror whilst we look around this  old 10 century  room.  I hold onto luitenant megs in the dark room of horror while the horses look on protecting us from  the ghosts of the city

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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