The horror of ghost waterfall

We look around the  garden of ghost city  and  feel the cold dense atmosphere pushing  inot our cold bodies.  The horses look around  the foggy  land for any sign of ghosts while we walk slowly through the  orange bushes and  purple trees. 

After walking through the  black grass    of horror we notice other figures around the red stream and walk towards it with caution.  The horses notice the figures moving closer towards us with intense pressure. 

I hold  onto luitenant megs while the  monsters come closer towards  us  lurking in the orange bushes.  The horses tell us to say close them but we see a  strange green  fox walk towards us on  its hind  legs and watching  us with its  deep red eyes and large fangs  hanging down towards its long  orange claws of terror.

We start to run but the ghost fox starts to glide through the air  hanging above our heads  while a large gust of wind try to push us into the  red river of terror.  The horses put on their force fields while another beast comes crashing towards  us a bear like creature  with half an head  and  arms reaching out  for  miles.

At that moment we notice a large black  band stand  bearing down  in front of us.  We run towards  the stand but see something lurking  the cold dark corner of it.

The horse tell us to stand whilst they try and take a better look  at this strange figure. After waiting for a few minutes the figure comes from  the dark and stands in front of us with an evil smile on its cold dark face. 

We stand  scared  and terrified while the creature walks towards us  looking  deep into  our tired bodies with its  big  black eyes and  horns sticking out from its very large head. the creature  slowly glides towards us  with its  large red  arms  and pointing  its  cold yellow claws  towards our  confused heads.

The horses tell us to run  and we all  dash towards  the deep  forest  to escape  the terror while the ghost of evil follow us.  We come  near to a waterfall which flows red water  down its purple  bank  and we run under it while the ghosts of evil come past screaming in terror while hunting us down.

After a few minutes feeling tired and cold  a fog  comes down  on the forest and we are trapped under the waterfall of evil. The horse look around the waterfall and feel something lurking  near to us. 

At that moment the  white figure of something  appears from the red river and starts to walk slowly towards us.  The figure  looks at us with an icy smile  while its body becomes even bigger and starts to come out of the water. 

We all run back towards the water fall and into a dark cave made of gold while  a lady in white  comes towards us with its ghostly face and  green eyes  pop out  and look at us with intense anger. 

The horses take us along a  dark hole in the cave and we rest while the screams of anger echo out from the lady in white.  After wating for a few minutes we make our way down the dark cold  cave  with the horses leading the way with their torch.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

  The horror within the cave of gold

We walk further into the cold dark cave with the smell of  horror all around our tired bodies. The horses lead us through the cave but it start to get even smaller whilst we  struggle  pushing through towards a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

After getting towards another cave of uncertainty  we fall through the gap  and land into another  big cave. The horses check for any sign of life whilst we check the  structure around us.

We suddenly see another door towards the far corner of the cave  hidden away by a  shadow of evil.  The horses walk towards the small golden door of the  new cave whilst me and luitenant megs follow behind them  shivering with the cold  whilst look around the walls.

The horses  walk up towards the  golden door and push open with a thrust of power from their back legs. After the door opens we see a big room paved with gold  and  a big chest lying near to the corner of the room. 

We all walk  towards the middle of the room and look in  splendour at the treasures  before our eyes.  After looking around the cave we suddenly start to see figures moving about the walls with faces  coming out from the gold.

The horses tell us to stand back whilst the chest suddenly opens and a figure of a one eyed  sailor stands looking at us with a dagger hanging down from its  belt. The figure moves closer towards us  and we see its skeleton face  look deep into our scared minds.

We run towards    the cave  door but other sailors appear  looking at us with broken limbs and blood dripping down from their evil mouths. The horses tell us to run and we dash towards a small pond inside the cave.

The horses tell us to jump inside it whilst the ghost sailors walk closer towards  us  whilst an inferno of wind blows  around the cave.  We al jump inot the pond and get caught in a current of water and get taken into another cave of terror.

We get out of the pond and find ourselves trapped inside another cave with its walls of black  and red carvings all around the floor. the horses tell us to rest while the sound of screaming echo around from the other cave. 

After a few minutes we suddenly start hearing strange noises  and see other  strange figures appearing around  us and wonder what hell we have entered into,

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

  The ancient tribe of ghost city

We walk around this new cave and see lots of strange symbols on the cave walls wondering what it all means.  After a few short moments we suddenly start to hear drums in the background and the chanting of voices can be heard through the cold dark walls. 

The horses tell us to stand back towards the far wall of the cave while they check for any unusual happenings. At that moment  we suddenly see figures walk around the centre of the cave  banging drums  and chanting songs around the symbols on the floor.

I hold onto luitenent megs while the figures get closer towards us with their white painted faces  with red paint drips down onto the cold dark floor.  The horses tell us to move closer towards the wall while the ghost tribe  come closer towards us  chanting and dancing with swords of horror.

We move further towards the wall and  the ghost get right up towards our terrified faces  and looking at us with eyes of evil  and broken hands that are twisted beyond repair.  The horses put up their  force field whilst one of the tribe get up very close looking into  our view  with his deep red purple eyes which light up the dark dungeon of horror

At that moment a door appears from the other side of the cave  while smoke  fills up the entire cave while the ghost jump about thrusting their weapons towards our scared bodies.  The horses grab hold of me and luitenant  megs and drag us across the cave towards the  door while fire  engulfs the cave with faces of horror appearing everywhere from the flames of terror.

After reaching the gold door of escape  we are  surrounded by all the warrior ghosts looking at us with  twisted faces of anger.  The horses push hard at the door forcing it open  while a  cold wind of horror comes towards us. The cold wind looks at  us  with the face of a  trying to grab us whilst we fall into yet another cave.

The cave shuts tight with a bang and we are trapped in yet another cave of horror wondering what we shall see.  We all look around this cave of horror with red walls of grey everywhere.

After resting for a while we suddenly feel a sense of fear and see some strange figures coming towards dressed in red cloaks  with eyes of yellow shine through the cold dark dungeon of horror

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's  Ghost city story's series
Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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