The dark battle of the spirit creatures from hell

After a cold night in the white hotel of horrors we are awoken by a ghostly white warrior  wanting us to follow him. Our army then leave the hotel of horrors and walk towards the dark tunnel with thousands of white  phantoms ready for battle. 

Our army march along the long corridor of horror with the brave white spirits until we finally reach the  tunnel end. At that moment a white spirit shoots up  towards the earth of horror and opens up the seal of safety at the top. 

The white creatures then march up the tunnel  ready for war with the red phantoms of evil torture.  i hold a shocked luitent megs tight in my arms while the air suddenly becomes more colder and the blue mist blows across our heads of torture.

We are then lifted to the surface of horrors  by the friendly creatures  ready to fight with our fellow ghosts of horror. Once at the top  we smell the stench of blood and gust  and see lots of broken bodies lying about  on a  ravaged earth of destruction . 

The horses then look with anger across their long faces  at seeing headless bodies stuck on spikes of horror. i shield a shocked luitent megs eyes from the open heads  and pulled out eye sockets  of human  bodies . 

A marshal of the white ghostly army then carefully walks us out towards a large blown up road of evil while  zombie bats fly  above our shocked souls of terror.    Our army of  warriors are the joined by thousands of more white spirits while we walk along the road of horrors towards the town of evil. 

The silver prince then glares with  evil terror  at the new town  of torture  being built by the evil  red general of  torture.  The white spirits then  takes us toward a large field of blue  grass that runs on for  thousands of miles while a strange black mist of terror cover our standing army of honour.

After walking for miles across the evil blue grass  a silver knight spots something coming in the dark distance of terror  All of a sudden the  white marshal spirit summons his army  while the evil red phantoms mass at the other end of misty blue  field of terror.

Our army then get ready for battle by holding long jagged  swords of steel across our  white cloaks of war.  All of a sudden a mass of zombie bats  fly in to our view in studded armour ready  to help the evil  red phantoms of horror. 

The marshal of the white spirits then springs his army white ghostly hawks who attack the zombie bats with force and horror across the glowing dark spirit of the sky.  after a few minutes of bloody battling our army march forward in spirit towards the  red phantoms and start the battle of horrors.


The battle rages for hours on a  blue  soaked  field of evil  while the  zombie bats  fall back  and surrender  at our  army souls.  We push on with anger and hate look out for the evil general of torture. 

The white spirits  are starting to outnumber the evil re phantoms slaying their ghostly bodies on the blue battlefield of horrors.  At that moment a vengeful luitent megs spots the evil  general and signals for its capture while the red phantoms try and defend the ghostly  general from he.

I look with  happy thoughts of victory while our army are starting to get closer towards the  general of evil. At that moment the red phantoms retreat from the  filed of  terror and run back towards the devils town whilst being cut down  by the white ghosts of dignity.

All of a sudden the red phantoms crumble while the white spirits begin to chop off their evil  ghostly heads of torture. A gloating silver prince sense victory while the general and his evil army run towards the  sallon of torture.

The great white spirit army then  storm a  defeated  saloon of horror and drag the generals spirt out for a vengeful luitent megs.  We then look with shock and horror while the other  white spirits are  beginning to torture the army of horrors by cutting their spirit bodies open. 

A sweating ghostly  general of evil then screams in horror  while a glowing luitent megs gets ready to  torture it.  The general is then held down by the brave white spirits while a revengeful  faced luitent  begins to remove his ghostly uniform of horrors. 

we then watch with open eyes of amazement while luitent megs begins to unbutton his  shirt of honours and unzip his  grey army trousers of evil torture.  The general starts to struggle  to escape but is held tight by the white spirits while  she begins to rip his clothing off  leaving his soul naked  in the town of torture. 

I then look at  her open eyes of pleasure while his  large  ghostly cock and balls  move on the towns sand of hatred.  A loving proud horse then pushes over a long bladed knife of terror while the creature  shrieks with cry's of no. 

We then watch with shock and horror while a smiling luitent megs begins to cut off his evil genitals of terror while he whimpers in defeat.  The  victorious  luitent megs then holds up  his severed genitals of torture before putting them in a large black bag of evil. 

Our army of warriors then head back towards our town of safety while the defeated ghostly  general lies motionless  on the town front  of terror.  All off a sudden a space craft appears over our  heads of victory  before floating back towards the blue clouds.

A shocked commander of the white spirits then tells us to run while the clouds suddenly open to reveal dark  object beginning  appearing from the evil planet above.  Our army then fly back fast with honour and heart while a new deadly  grey  general appears with its new army of  purple phantoms in their thousands. 

The new grey general then looks over at our trembling bodies of victory while its army take over the defeated town of horrors. We then enter back inside our  underground tunnel  of safety and head  back towards the white spirits city of splendour.


Our army of white spirits  look from their webcam of safety while  new grey general  stands at the town of  horrors  and  shines his glowing red eyes of  horror at the buildings before destroying them with a laser blast of evil.

A clutch of purple phantoms then begin  to build its new empire  while the clouds turn black with evil  and blue rain runs down on the new town of horrors. 

We are all then sent back to our  hotel of safety  while the white  spirits rest and celebrate their victory over the evil  red general.  A  ginning luitent megs then lays my tired body down on the  soft bed of sleep before undressing my  prone body of  shock. 

I then lay still with  pleasure while she begins to remove my  soft clothing  of modesty  until l am naked for her eyes of  adventure.  All of a sudden her hands begin to  stroke my  body with intensity causing  my eyes to shine in glory. 

All of a sudden  a long knock of darkness hits our door causing  our body's to jump with shock. At the door stands a ghostly white guard  who guides us towards an elevator  of mystery.  Once at this strange elevator  it suddenly opens to reveal a big long corridor of misty  orange smog. 

We then enter  it with the  ghostly guard and move down at the speed  of light.  The door then opens and the horses, silver prince and his army enter it with confused looks on their faces of sorrow. The elevator then quickly moves down deep below the white  hotel  before stop  with a long thud of shock. 

The door then opens and we are pushed  inside  a large circled room of mystery with a dark chair in the corner. At that moment a strange white figure  appears  holding a long  studded pole of mystery  in its  glowing white hand of light. 

Our eyes then look on with shock  and terror  seeing its large white crown  upon its  giant  head.  At that moment thousands of white spirits enter the room and bow down to its  bright white  crown  while the chair changes to a throne of honour. 

The white spirit king then  looks at our  shaken bodies before it smiles at us  with pleasure and love.  Our army of brave warriors are then given  large white uniforms and told to strip naked. 

We then look with a sense of sorrow  while the ghostly spirits force our bodies to undress with their eyes of  intent.  I then turn and look at  a shocked luitent megs while she slowly strips down to her  small white  bra and pants with anger. 

The  white spirit king then glares at her panties  and bra before nodding for them to come off.  The rest of us then undress and put on the white uniforms while luitent megs  strips naked  for  the spirit king. 

Our army is then moved  back to our rooms  of pleasure while the  spirit king  stores our clothing  in his dark room of evil torture.  after getting back to our rooms of safety we lay on  the bed wondering what will happen with our tired bodies of torture.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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