The city of apes escape to the ice world

We wake on a cold  windy morning and walk into the  empty  streets of the apes and walk down the main city road looking for a way to escape.  I look towards lieutenant megs  and we  ride quickly through the city on the horses backs. 
In the distance we suddenly hear loud sirens down the cold  lonely street police  apes appear full of anger driving  down the middle of the road trying to run us over  in their cars. 

The horses start to ride faster  and can run a warp speed  10  times faster than a normal horse.  We escape away from the horror of the  police apes  and find ourselves in  a run down town outside the city.

At that point we  see hundreds of apes dressed in leather  jackets appear from every  street door and road  in this run down town. I turn to  lieutenant megs to comfort her  and try to protect.  The horses point towards a  an alleyway  and we head down it to escape but find it a dead end,
The  leather clad apes start to move closer the down the  street and surround us  jumping about  and  glare  with anger in their faces. The horses tell us to jump on their backs.  We look with horror at  thousands of apes  coming closer towards us  but at the point  the horses start to run towards them  and then turn back  and start to  gallop towards the  brick wall. 
I hold onto lieutenant megs hand whilst we both close our eyes  and hear nothing. The wall has gone and we have been transported into space and  been pulled into a tornados path and pushed into a time slip. 

The lights suddenly becomes  dark and we then awake  with a cold feeling down our backs  and  ice  on our faces.  We awake  to find  we have been transported onto some sort of ice planet with  thick snow everywhere and frozen lake in the distance 

We all walk along for a few miles  and suddenly see an ice mountain in the distance and we climb up through the frozen  snow to the top of its peak. After getting to the top  lieutenant megs points out a city in the distance that looks to be made of ice  and we al look in amazement at this great spectacular  city. 

We all sit down on the ice mountain whilst  the horses  put a protective  bubble over us whilst  we rest and decide what to do in this strange  planet

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's  Ghost city story's series
Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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