stuck in the red vultures world of horrors

After a short rest in the cold blue tunnel of horror the horses suggest we try  the orange tunnel of mystery.  The silver prince then leads our weary bodies down towards the passage of orange lights while  smog hits our tired faces  of torture. 

We walk slowly down the orange tunnel for miles until the silver knights begin to see a large white light and jump for joy in the thick smoggy air.  All of a sudden we all begin to notice dark flying creatures  in the foggy mist of torture. 

The silver prince thinks  we have finally escaped the tunnels of terror and smells the air of escape across his gloating mouth of freedom.  At that moment the horses begin to panic  and sway when they start to see the flying creatures move closer. 

At that terrifying point we reach the end of the orange tunnel and look up  towards the bright white lights of safety.  I hold a shocked luitent megs in my arms  when she notices a city of birds nests in her  glowing  bright eyes. 

We then jump down onto the birds road of horror while thousands of the creatures nests stand above our shocked minds  of  torture.  All of a sudden we begin to notice large giant  red vultures watching our terrified bodies while we run the  creatures  road of horror. 

The  silver prince then notices  a large hole at the bottom of the long  roar of torture and jumps down  it for safety. we all follow down the tunnel of safety apart from a few silver knights who great captured by the flying creatures of torture.

I hold a shocked luitent megs while the vultures  bite off the captured  knights heads and carry their headless  bodies s back towards the nests of horror.  We sit in the cold dark hole wonder what will happen next until a dark creature  burrows through the orange soil of safety. 

We sit in our cold cage of horror while a battle rages outside between the green foxes and red werewolves of terror. I hold a shocked luitent megs while the werewolves howl and fire at the  green army of  evil foxes. 

All of a sudden an army of green foxes enter  our cage of capture  and drag our bodies towards an armoured van of torture. The silver prince  screams at the bullying foxes of torture while we are placed inside the van and driven  into a  mist filled  road of evil. 

The horses hold onto the sides of the van while fireballs of fire  rip at the  creatures van with horror  and hate  while  the werewolves bang on the side of it.  We sit back with shock and horror while the van of evil shoots through the marshlands of terror  towards the green foxes city  in the distance. 

I cuddle and hold a scared lutient megs hand while the vehicle speeds towards  the safety point of the city limits. At that  moment  a big grey  wall appears in front of our shocked eyes  covering the whole city of torture .  A large gate then suddenly slides open  and our  van of destiny  speeds though at the speed of light.

After entering the  city of green foxes shut  the gate closes very quick while thousands of armed werewolves  charge towards the city walls of safety.  We are then lead out of the van handcuffed while a confusion of panic sets in the city of foxes. 

A warning bell  then rings out while the army of foxes  drag our bodies towards another  cage of capture  in the distance.  All of a sudden a army major of the evil creatures stops us in our tracks and orders  three  silver knights  to be pulled from  our group.

The silver prince screams in anger at the creatures actions while the silver knights are taken  towards the  city wall of terror.  we watch with evil eyes of anger when the silver knights are thrown towards the waiting  werewolves outside. 

At that moment we listen to the screams  and breaking bones of the silver knights. The body parts of the knights are then  thrown back while the green foxes watch stunned with shock. 

A upset luitent megs notices the half eaten heads of the knights and puts her crying head in my shoulders of mercy.  We are then taken back towards the cells of capture while the werewolves continue to pound the city of green foxes. 

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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Wayne's  Ghost city story's series
Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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