Bridge to another world

Walk towards the light of the day standing at the mirror  of destiny a bridge of love and hope a  appears a  lovely place to see.  I walk along the bridge of life  to another world  and the smell of sweet flowers flowing through my hair, another world  land forgotten by time and pure  untouched beauty.

The hills  shine within the light  and the clouds  flow over the  hill tops  steep over  the  raging ravine of pure water coming from a magical  waterfall  that nestles into  the midst of the great new world.

A paradise awaits  me  that offers  fruit  of all  nature and untouched  beauty  of  this great new land. I look back and  the bridge  which l came through upon  starts to vanish into a black hole  of matter  and a young lady  appears from the mist of the day the sheer  beauty of another life looks at me  with a stare and says  we have now entered  the bridge  to another world. 

produced and owned by wayne m

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love music and pictures

Wayne's  Ghost city story's series
Wayne's Ghost city story's series

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