The Digital Euro

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 28 Apr 2022

In a recent speech, the ECB gave more details about their CBDC Social Credit Total Control system.

As we recently learned, the EU wants all Blockchain transactions of any value traceable.

With their Digital Euro, it goes a step further. They want all transactions monitored and approved directly with the central bank. This includes all online and offline transactions.

This means every single transaction you make, no matter how large or small will need central bank approval. There will also be no privacy with your transactions.

The ECB is waiting for the right moment to introduce the digital euro and will not ban private crypto initially. However, we can probably expect some kind of further restrictions because the CBDCs won't be popular.


Fabio Panetta is the EU spokesperson for CBDCs in Europe


To combat this, they are planning to force their usage on and offline through legal tender laws.

In order to implement the offline usage of the digital euro, there would be a requirement for a chip. The format of this chip is not yet clear. Possibly it will be a card initially like the credit cards.

This will metamorphose later into your new digital ID and social credit wallet which will control your allowed activities within the matrix.

The launch may coincidence with a UBI. This will be given out to people under the premise to help support them during the upcoming "food shortages" narrative being played out.

Ironically, the CBDCs are being marketed as Blockchain technology but are just digital fiat that already exists today.

The digital ID will help the other agenda of the elite and that is to control the movements of people. This is currently being built by Telekom from Germany under the orders of the EU and the WHO.

Their plan is to create a database of the world's population for digital vaccination and a wallet. This will then be a standardised system used worldwide in the upcoming one-world government plan.

This agenda is being promoted by space and dogecoin top boy and influencer Elon Musk. He recommends we need to unify under one planet. Whether he is referencing the real world or the CGI Space X one that he shows us on TV is not clear at the moment.

One thing is for sure, Elon is certainly showing strains in promoting a one-world government and CBDC. Normally oozing sophistication and confidence, Elon is now often stumbling and lost for words in his appearances. The stress of carrying large lies ways on you very strongly.

The best way to play the upcoming Euro fiat destruction seems to be to hold physical assets and short fiat and the Euro. You can do that by holding debt in fiat. The next steps are that you should be familiarising yourself with Defi crypto so that you can continue to transact freely when the CBDCs go live and people's wallets become restricted.

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