Play2Earn - Building Wealth With Upland

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 24 Apr 2022

As a new user of Upland and Play2Earn games, finding some strategies to earn are important.

The first strategy is to make sure you take advantage of the great signup bonus giving you 6000 UPX when you start. This is double the normal starting amount. This will give you a good head start right from the beginning. Here is the link.


Another important thing to take advantage of as a new player is to buy as many properties as you can that are at a reduced price for new players. They are usually marked in green.


These properties are also in less expensive cities like Detroit. Here you may be able to pick up one or two properties for your money quite quickly. The more properties you have, then this will generate monthly income for you. So it is worth buying as many properties as possible.

Another way to generate income is to encourage other players to visit your properties, so making them more attractive to others will help here. You can set your visitor fee and this will determine how much you earn per visitor. Of course, if you are in a desirable area, you are likely to get more visitors.


A further way to earn in Upland is to try and compete in challenges. Here you can win a large amount of UBX by completing challenges such as the one here:



Another way to earn is to buy more UBX and invest in more properties. You will earn more and faster if you invest some fiat into the game.



Unfortunately, UPX is not listed on, so we don't have a traded price for UPX. You can however buy the token for $4,99 for 5000 UPX. This works out at about 1000 UPX for $1. You can then buy more properties and generate more income. The monthly income works out to about ~2% per month, but by boosting the monthly income by improving the property and getting visitors, you can increase the ROI substantially.



The final tip is to login each day and collect the daily activity bonus!  You can see here that this can be more than a property's monthly rent. If you sign in for 7 days, you can get an extra 300 UPX as part of the bonus streak.



I hope these tips help you get off to a successful start in Upland and build that wealth quicker!

Thanks for reading.


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