My Crypto Earnings in March

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 2 Apr 2022

Another month is completed and as part of my journey towards 2ETH per month, I am tracking my monthly crypto earnings. This is a diary for me to record my progress, track everything and hopefully optimise the strategies. I hope also this will be useful for those also interested in creating a crypto income.

This month I have been active in the following platforms and collected the cryptos:

Publish0x  (STA, AMPL)
Hive  (Hive, LEO, Alive) - New for April CTP (BitcoinCash)

Socials (BitcoinCash)
Torum (XTM)
LunarCrush (Lunr)

Staking, Cashback, Interest (CRO)

Brave (BAT)
Presearch (PRE)

New for April:

Email Marketing
ListNerds (Mail, Listnerds, CTP)

These are the sources of my crypto earnings. New for this month I have added Alive tokens on Hive. For April I have added CTPtalk on Hive which will help me earn CTP tokens. I also have a new category for April, Email Marketing with ListNerds. Here I can earn Mail, Listnerds and CTP tokens.





My first full month on Publish0x is completed.




My goals for March were to get 25,000 views, 800 likes and less than 3% dislikes. Target earnings were €20. So looking at the above we can see that I beat my target of 25,000 views by 9,933. The likes target was beaten by 236 likes and I managed to lower my dislikes to 2,89%! I am very happy with the results.

In March I earned 11.6582 AMPL and 146.717 STA. That is €20,90 (last month €7,30). That was helped by the turnaround in Statera this last week as you can see from my holdings below.


My follower count grew from 59 last month to 201 this month. 142 new followers. I hope to gain an additional 150 followers in April. I am really enjoying writing on this platform and the interactive community. I often read many other articles and learn from some experienced writers here about many topics that interest me.

Publish0x total =  €20,90




This is now my first full month on and I have published an article every day. I have gained 5 subscribers and earned 0.111608 BCH. Im finding it a great platform and also some more authors about different topics are there too.


ffa9abfc8340633b9579881149267eb6667267ccb2f330cc2050740b686dc511.png Total = €38,32



This month I started posting under the Alive tribe and writing some different types of posts that are fun to do. Here I have earned Hive and HBD.


Hive =  18,97      HBD = 13,83     

Hive Total = €32,90


Blogging Total = €92,12


Socials is an alternative to Twitter and it is my first full month on the platform. This month I have gained an extra 7 followers and earned 0.00479501 BCH. This was above my target of €1 so I'm pretty happy with that. The target for April is to grow my subscribers to 20 and over €2 of BCH. Total = €1,65




With Torum I have finally managed to get past the power up stage and start earning XTM. It took me a month to complete the power upstage and I don't know if I should really include the XTM as earnings because to withdraw any XTM will cost around 97 XTM in gas fees. Therefore I'm not sure it makes sense to continue to earn XTM or not. There is also a withdrawal restriction until you reach 500 XTM. So far I have 17 followers and earned 19.81 XTM.

Torum Total = €4,10




It is my first month on LunarCrush which is an interesting social media app and more. So far I only figured out that you earn 0,1 Lunr each day that you login. So far i have earned 1,8 Lunr but you cannot withdraw until you get 35 Lunr. I'm not sure how long that will take, possibly 1 or 2 years? Therefore I may kick this one to the touch if i don't start to find it more interesting.

Torum Total = €1,01

Socials Total = €6,76


Staking & Cashback

I didn't start using the crypto card yet and earn any cashback, but hopefully, I can get that set up within April. I really hate the layout and usability of the App. It's so un-intuitive and I can never find what I'm looking for. I also got hammered by some purchase fees of 2,99% on my last purchase which caught me by surprise. If I still find the App so annoying in the next months I will look to switch to another platform.


BTC Total = 0,00002008 (€0,84)

CRO Referral = 64,69397974 CRO (€28,21)


Total Staking/Rewards = €29,05


Surfing & Search



It is my second-month using Presearch. This month I didn't use it very much, so there wasn't much PRE to be earned. My PRE balance is 56,72. I'm unsure whether I should also count this as income just yet because of the 1000 PRE withdrawal limit and the unknown gas fees to withdraw. Probably it will take me at least 1 or 2 years to get to 1000 PRE.

Presearch Total = 13,72 PRE (€2,46)



So far this month I don't have any BAT tokens paid out, but I can see that I'm due to be paid in 6 days 0,972 BAT. This would be around €0,78. However, this will show up in the report for April.

BAT Total = 0 BAT


Total Surfing/Search €2,46


March Crypto earnings total = €130,39


That's my total crypto earnings in March.  Not bad for my third month.  That is a 166% increase over February. I will take that return any day of the week. The target for April is to try and reach €150. To help me reach that goal, I will try to add the CTP token on Hive layer 2 and ListNerds email marketing activity. My goal is to earn 2ETH per month @ €3115/ETH which means I am just 2% towards completing this goal.

How was your March?

Thanks for reading and I hope it inspires you on a journey to crypto-financial freedom too!


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