Expanding vs. Contracting - The New Future

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 27 Apr 2022

I'm just sitting here eating my Kitkat bar and noticed that something feels odd about it. It feels thinner, more compact... much smaller even. Usually, after one packet I'm feeling satisfied, but now I need to eat 2 packets to get the same feeling.

We've seen this with countless products in the supermarkets and it's not the firsts time that manufacturers use these tricks on consumers. Instead of raising the prices, they will either reduce the amount or the quality of the products.

This is a sign that their marketing people think that people are very price-sensitive and they cannot easily pass on a price increase. But this isn't what I want to talk about today. This is a symptom of fiat money, central banking and government theft.

We all know that the government can print as much money as it wants with its central banking friends and then this causes a contracting value of wealth to those who hold the fiat. The general loss is around 3% or more per year for the US dollar according to varying reports.

Not satisfied with robbing us this way, a myriad of taxes and regulations are then designed to take more of our wealth and time away from us, leaving us with very little and an almost impossible journey of building wealth.

You can see the only way to navigate fiat is through shorting it by holding actual assets or income-producing assets. Holding fiat money now is so unpopular, that real estate prices are at elevated levels around the world. There is so much debt around, people cannot be rewarded for holding fiat.

No one wants to stack fiat when its value is constantly contracting and wealth-destroying.


Crypto as a game-changer

If we contrast that with the mechanics of crypto-currencies, which will hold their value and actually expand their value in the future, the world could look much more different.

A decentralised crypto-currency allows everyone to grow and expand their wealth, something that fiat doesn't do. If you look all around us, the fiat system creates scarcity and not enough resources for all. But with a crypto world, there could be the fulfilment of abundance that is all around us.

With wealth growing in the hands of the people, there would be more happiness and people could spend more of their time doing things that they are passionate about instead of something to earn enough fiat to pay some bills.

In a decentralised blockchain world, the value of creation and consumption is equally balanced and rewards all. By saving into crypto you create ever-larger passive incomes and open more doors to active ones.

As the wealth continually expands, we will see how much of our wealth has really been transferred to the 0,1% when it stays with those who create it and then compounds further.

The future will finally see compounding wealth growth instead of debt growth. No more silly games with the sizes of products. No more building smaller and smaller apartments. The cost of land and housing will become cheap again like our grandparents experienced before the switch to fiat.

How do you see a crypto future?

Thanks for reading.

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Steve Hodl
Steve Hodl

A crypto Hodler playing with FIRE

My Path To Fire
My Path To Fire

A crypto hodler playing with FIRE

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