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By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 7 Apr 2022

With the upcoming merge to Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum is the crypto on everyone's mind right now. After totally smashing it, performance-wise last year, there are some big expectations for Ethereum this year. Once a month I like to take a look at one of the top boys in my portfolio and see how they are doing. So let's dive in.


We can see that compared to last month, where we were down -21% YTD, we've had a nice pullback but are still down -10,5% YTD. Moving in the right direction at least. This is confirmed by our next chart the 30 days trailing (up to 6th April).


Here we can see that we are up 25,9% in the last month which is a pretty big move.


If we zoom out a bit, we can see that over the 1-year timeframe, we are still positive +66,9%, but the increase is not as high as last month with +100%. So the growth is slowing.


We can see that Ethereum is still the highest TVL by far, with over $120,91b locked and a share of 54,06%.


The only real competitor seems to be Terra(LUNA) which has had a huge 40% increase in the last month. We will monitor how this develops in the coming months.


The final chart shows us that Ethereum is still in 2nd place with a Market Cap of $388bn and 3rd place with a volume of $25b.

Looking at the charts and data, Ethereum should for sure be in your portfolio. The case for hodling remains strong. Whether you are staking your Ethereum for extra returns, or just holding it in a secure wallet, both options make sense.

How do you feel about ETH now?

Thanks for reading.

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