We all have questions earning through Cryptocurrency earning- I have lots of them

By Suny Ag | My Own | 17 Feb 2021

Do you have a question like many others regarding earning cryptocurrency? Well, I had my doubts and still have but I now am loving working on crypto platforms. I work on both trading and earning through my efforts. I guess this is nothing new, but many people do the same. People enter this field making fast money, but that’s perhaps the biggest mistake.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile of them all that goes up and down for no obvious reasons. So, as they say, invest in crypto as much as you can afford to lose. cryptocurrency is all right for people that can play the game and never get disheartened even if they lose on their investment because the fact remains “It goes fast but it comes faster”.


I was not convinced at the beginning

I was skeptical in the beginning in the crypto field as I did not see a place to make money. I must admit here that I tried working for cryptocurrency as early as 2014 but ended up disappointed like a lot of other people with a negative feeling. I simply gave up as I saw the crypto-world, a sort of trap with the rising cases of scams in this field.

Now that I have found out that there are a number of methods, one can make money legally and earn different cryptocurrencies. And for me, these methods not limited to the obvious way of trading only. I, therefore, went into it deeper and then I decided to give it yet another chance, especially as I found many sites paying through cryptocurrency for my writing, for filling out surveys, and a lot of innovative ways including games. I further explored and soon found out that crypto was here to stay.

However, I had yet to find a niche for myself. I was into the cryptocurrency alright but limited to buying that I thought was the only proven way of how to make (or lose) money with cryptocurrency. I took the full advantage (and disadvantage) of the bullish and bearish mood of crypto starting from 2017. However, one thing I never did that was I never reduced my investment but kept buying different cryptocurrencies and then converting them into Bitcoin.


I wanted to learn and earn

On my quest to learn about crypto, I came across many writing and survey sites that paid in different cryptocurrencies. I found quite a few including PTC sites, gaming sites, and you just name it, but I never ever joined PTC sites though since that was not my cup of tea. I loved filling out surveys or writing, which is my passion along with my love for photography. But trust me, I was enjoying what I was doing.

I found several other ways how to earn cryptocurrency going forward, and here I would like to tell you about some of them. As you know Just Buy and hold, is the best way of earning cryptocurrency although I like the way they say HODL

I don’t think anyone would disagree that this is one of the most common and trusted ways of earning from cryptocurrency. When I bought Bitcoin at the rate of $13000, I thought it will go up but my best guess was $26000 by the end of 2020 but it almost touched $40000 but I did not reduce my investment. You guessed it right. I withdrew my profit, but my basic investment is still there.

I am not sure people do the same but that’s how I do in the trading of various coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more and then wait like a crane sitting in the water until a fish comes. I wait for their value to rise and either convert them into a currency expected to rise or take the profit and invest in something that has a greater potential. Do I need to tell you that once the market rise, I sell it at a profit and buy something that looks like giving profit in the future?

My buying and selling strategies work both ways, though. I agree all my trades are not in green, but I have a long list of reds as well. But what matters is the final result. But one thing is for sure, all our investing strategy needs a careful study of volatile as well stable currencies, but easy to shift so to take full advantage of rates. There is no other way for earning if one keeps a close watch and either switches currencies or sells them and waits for another opportunity to buy a bearish run.

People say that spending on Cryptocurrency Dividends is a great way for earning, but not for me. I had no intention of going for that.


I don't want money to remain blocked but do something for me

I never liked the idea of locking my money for a small gain, but what they pay in a year, half-year, or quarterly basis, I can do that in a day or two. So dividends are not my idea of earning in any money-making platform. Besides I have a couple of terrible experiences in the dividends market. I have the same view about the staking of cryptocurrency. I want to keep control of trading in my own hands. Many crypto lovers find the staking method is a great idea, but not for me.

Some investors love doing day trading, but that is probably a good way of earning or losing for people giving full time to trading or in other words have no offline job. I have a full-time offline job so even if I like this method of trading but not doing so barring when I have nothing else to do. However, I like this idea and would have done it more regularly as other cryptocurrency investors. I find it one good way and believe that this can earn in day trading, but only if you know the trends well.

To do well in day trading one has to keep a close look for trends, analyze market charts and the performance of the assets listed on various platforms, and your knowledge of how quickly you can convert them from cash to coin and vice versa. This is perhaps the game of mind, alertness, and action at a right time. The entire crypto world is open to you to start, and all you have to do is open an account and get started.


My most favorite way- Content Writing

I think I first came across a writing site that offered Bitcoin as the payment method in 2011, but I knew nothing about wallets. But that’s true during the last 8-10 years several writing sites have come up, that pay for content, surveys, social media, faucets, and PTC with payment through cryptocurrency. I can mention a long list but I will give you a couple of them like Uptrennd, Cointypay, Hive, Peakd, and of course my latest two addition in the list and I am on all of these sites and enjoy them.

I know a couple of other ways and I am very much sure that all of you that reading this post must be trying various methods of earning cryptocurrency as well. I would love to hear from you about your experiences and way of earning as well. Please let’s know your methods if you don’t mind.

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