Vauld- A Crypto Bank That Caters For All Your Crypto Related Requirements

By Suny Ag | My Own | 23 Mar 2021

Vauld is a crypto bank that provides all the services offered by a bank for purchasing crypto, lending, loaning, trading, and spending crypto. The consumer uses Vauld to organize their held crypto, Can keep, lend and take, buy and sell and swipe crypto. Consumers can be sure of their funds placed on Vauld as the rules of top security followed here.

Users can easily spend their cryptos at their favorite marketplaces by credit cards that store their cryptos. Vauld permits consumers to earn interest from their deposit of cryptocurrency and also borrow crypto against their demand in order to borrow the user does not have to liquidate their crypto. Vauld offers an easy exchange policy for all consumers.

If other platforms also reduce their exchange fees to 0.05% (Less than 1%). This fee is much less than other platforms, which is beneficial and economical for the consumers and also helps in giving higher profits. Vauld has the interest earning feature and offers the highest interest on crypto in the industry on all the main cryptocurrencies.

Users get weekly payouts on their tokens. So as soon the consumers deposit their crypto, they immediately start earning. There are three categories of interest paid: 1 Savings Price - This is the interest category that a consumer gets immediately after depositing their crypto on Vauld. 9% interest on Vauld DAI, TUSD, USDC, PAX, and BUSD. Here you get 5% saving interest on bitcoin and ether. 2 Fixed Deposit Value - When a consumer deposits his crypto for a fixed period of time, he starts getting the interest. Vauld has a scheme of 11% interest on DAI, TUSD, USDC, PAX, and BUSD. On Bitcoin and Ether, the interest is 7%. In fact, the interest rate varies from crypto to cryptocurrencies.

The interest repaid revolves every week in a compounded manner or upon completion of a fixed deposit period. 3 Borrowing Value - The borrowing price is primarily for non-institutional borrowers. The loan should be at least $100. Vauld facilitates a 12% interest rate on borrowings from DAI, TUSD, USDC, PAX, and BUSD. This interest is 8% on bitcoin and ether.

Supporting multiple tokens, Vauld provides the facility of trading on its platform by multiple tokens and with all lending facilities. Vauld provides new tokens on its platform regularly on demand, the consumer has complete control over his funds.

Consumers can withdraw their funds whenever they want and as per their need. Consumer service is the priority for Vauld to provide better services to the consumer. The bank provides consumers with over $1000 in their accounts the facility of a personal manager. The platform provides the best consumer service.

Weekly Compound Payment Vauld calculates the interest every day and re-deposits it in a compounded manner every week or upon completion of the specified time. Maintaining Funds Details - Users can continuously check the status of their investments, funds from the dashboard created by Vauld.

Secure Platform All fund industry patrons are protected by Bitgo. This platform also offers all the traditional facilities provided by traditional banks but in a more secure manner with all transparency.

Vauld’s referral program is based on “Start Sharing”- Start Earning’. This referral program is much better and profitable than other platforms, whenever your If the person referred by you will do any activity on the exchange, you will earn. You will get 40% of the trade fees made by your referral, 5% of the interest paid on their crypto, and interest on the loan taken by them. 5%. Vauld gives you the option of starting a campaign and kickback.

Conclusion- Vauld aims to describe the power of crypto to its consumers, how and when to use their digital assets. Another aim of Crypto Bank is to create a banking system that is fast, secure and decentralized. Their purpose is to take advantage of this system with permissionless blockchain. We can take all information from Vauld’s website. For more information, you can join the telegram channel of Vauld.

By the way, they have a referral system with this program. Please note, the Vauld Bank offers different interest rates for different coins.

They say - Borrow Against Your Tokens and Take a low interest loan against your existing crypto assets.

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