I Prefer Trading On My Own- Sorry API, Profit And Loss Is All My Own Responsibility

By Suny Ag | My Own | 3 May 2021

If one knows nothing much about trading in crypto or does not have technical knowledge, yet he wants to make money from trading, then there are ways to do so. One way is to appoint a fund manager or a portfolio manager that you can talk to in person, and he will act according to your instruction with his own input of trading knowledge.

Let me give you some basic knowledge about API. API trading, which is indeed very popular in crypto trading. For financial markets, APIs interface trading algorithms or models and an exchange’s and/or broker’s platform. An API is essential to implementing an automated trading strategy. For API trading, you only have to keep the funds in your account after opening an account on the exchange.

We are 100% safe sir

Okay, API can trade your fund but cannot withdraw from your account. When an API platform tells you about trading through their service, they will tell you, "Your money is 100% safe." because you have full control over your funds, no one can withdraw it and you pay commission to us only when you earn profit by the trading”

Fine, you agreed as it sounded perfect to you and you gave your account to the API platform for trading. It never came to your mind that the person dealing with your funds can go wrong and reduce your fund, or even with the permission of liquidating can do it at the wrong time.

You ask this question and you will get an answer something like this, “We shall earn profit for you only then we get a commission, but what will we get if there is a loss to you? Yeah, you are so relieved and convinced.

By the way, you can not hold responsible to your API Platform for wrong trades because according to the terms and conditions that you accepted while going for API trading contract, you agreed that if anything goes wrong or you incur losses in the trading process. And then who would you report to? After all, everything is in the air, there is nothing real but all virtual so what will you do?

Will you report this to the authorities? Police department? Nothing doing, revenue? Or what? By the way, did you mention your crypto investment in your return? No? there you are, you have nowhere to go but learn how to trade on your own. I do it myself.

I have incurred losses to heavy losses in trading and of course big profits as well. I have enjoyed my profits and learned from the losses. But both of these were a win-win situation for me. No API trading for me.

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