Crypto World Is Supporting People Fight With Corona

By Suny Ag | My Own | 1 May 2021

Vitalik Buterin Contributes 100 Ethereum

Right now, the second wave of the Corona epidemic has put India at the top among the most affected countries. The problem is becoming more severe because of the lack of health facilities according to the population of the country and the lack of proper treatment for this disease. In India, people are dying the most due to the lack of oxygen.

If you look at the crypto community, it has launched a special program to support the Indians suffering from a severe shortage of Oxygen, Masks, medicines, etc. The Crypto community is playing a crucial role to fight Corona in India. It has been just a few days since the launch of this campaign and its success is visible. It takes only a few seconds to give this grant. Working nights and that too within the ambit of the law.

The biggest contribution to this aid so far has come from Ethereum founder Vitalik, he gave 100 Ethers at the start of the campaign. The famous Australian cricketer Brett Lee also helped and donated one Bitcoin in this campaign to help fight Corona in India.

But a section of the media still suffering from their frivolous thinking talking about cryptocurrency being anti-law even after this help to come from the crypto-community. Media in India has never seen crypto in its right perspective but always writes the dark side considering it bad for the economy. The media in India is a champion critic of all crypto-related activities and plays a major role in it.

The government of India is no different but has a similar viewpoint, the government is also seeing deficiencies in crypto and that is why the government has never seen it as an asset or did anything to support cryptocurrency.

Media and Lawmakers 

The reasoning provided by the government is that the big fluctuation in the price of crypto and their feeling that crypto is used in illegal activities. What a pity? It only goes to show the knowledge of the government’s committees and leaders responsible to make laws about it.

Let’s ask few simple questions here about the lawmaker's knowledge about cryptocurrency! First, what is the experience of the members who are on the government committees? Or do they consult the experts on crypto before deciding the fate of the crypto in India? They should have a rational viewpoint according to the international standard otherwise it will increase illegal trade, nothing else. After all, this is hard to trace dealing in Blockchain.

Today, the citizens of the country are dying and the country is in dire need of huge financial support which is currently getting its share from the crypto community too. India is also getting support for buying all essential facilities including Oxygen and medicines for immediate needs.

This is high time the Indian government learned its lesson from all that’s going on. This is the right time to understand the contribution of crypto to the world and make it available as an alternative currency. The crypto community is an educated community and understands better its responsibilities for the country and world well..

Today, the crypto community has shown the world, especially during Corona, what it can do to help the world with no delay and in large amounts. Let the world know that what crypto can do to the welfare of the world from a wide perspective. Let the governments that think negatively should change their mindset.

There is a need to have the right knowledge and to make the right laws with the right people. The people that have come to the fore to help India through the crypto, are a big help to spread the word that crypto is in favor of the public and not against it.

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