Artificial Intelligence is the future of industrial growth

By Suny Ag | My Own | 21 Apr 2021

Artificial intelligence- How it helps in the industrial sector


Until a couple of decades back no one imagined that Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the manufacturing sector to the extent that the industrial sector will change its way of working with a lot more efficiency, economically and efficiently.



It is a fact that manufacturing as of date is perfectly equipped with various applications of artificial intelligence but no one can claim they have reached the end of what could gain perfection in this field. The fact is, we are still in the beginning stage and there is a lot more going on that will completely revolutionize the way the industrial sector will work in the future.

The way Artificial Intelligence is doing for the industry right now will definitely change the way the manufacturing sector would look in the future. The presence of artificial intelligence is visible in almost every sector but some of these are bringing AI applications faster than others. Let’s have a look at what industries are better equipped with AI-

The use of AI in Industrial and consumer technology

Let me make it clear in the beginning itself that I am posting this article for the benefit of layman therefore I will avoid using typical technical words and terms which if used would probably go over the heads of common readers.

I think we should give the credit to the big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Google, besides SAP, etc. which have contributed a substantial share in industrial as well consumer AI applications.
We also cannot undermine the invention, research, and support by other tech companies including Yahoo, Google, IBM, etc using real-time AI to prepare data and reports that reach consumers instantly which is relevant in our day-to-day function. We often see on TV, the internet during sporting events, share markets, or even while integrating data from various election centers which reaches to the consumer instantly.


Google is keen to provide AI for common persons’ use

Robots and Humans make a perfect combination

It’s no more a secret that at the end of last year we had over 1.4 million robots working in different industrial units which is not a small figure and still growing at a fast pace. But it doesn’t mean that as more robots will be at jobs the human will lose their job but on the other hand more industrial will be taught to live in perfect harmony with their machine counterparts. After all human brain is behind the brain of a robot but the only difference is that the robot executes the job at a much faster speed with no chances of error.

The results are not limited to production

We should have no doubts whatsoever that the manufacturing sector is at the forefront in the field of artificial intelligence. AI is guiding the industrial engineers about how to plan, design, and cut the manufacturing time and not to forget reducing the downtime which was a major drawback in the past. And when the industry has these tools the result comes in all the fields of better productivity, profits, and better customer support.
How does the industry use Artificial Intelligence- A common scenario
AI and its utility

AI being the core factor of industrial growth is not limited to designing, production, and quality but a faster reach to the customer by various methods provided by AI in form of communication, logistic which means it gives a considerable boost to the supply chain, another plus point. AI keeps total control on other essential departments of industry like human resources, inventory control including the right quantity of raw material, energy, and supply.

So there is no doubt that AI will take a front seat in the coming days of the manufacturing sector. We can safely say that AI is taking its share in every sector but artificial intelligence is more of a driving force in the industrial sector.



AI is saving on maintenance cost

Would you believe that the manufacturing sector spends tons of monies on maintenance of its machinery and equipment every year to keep running smoothly? That’s true, for example, I come from the sugar belt of India where hundreds of sugar mills dismantle every part of all the machines including crushers, loaders, boilers, and motors at the end of their crushing season to get ready for the next crushing season.

They change all ball bearings, V-Belts, every nut and bolt, smaller motors, parts of cranes, parts of weighing bridges, weld gears with special electrodes even if they were in good working order so they do not face a breakdown during the crushing season. But with the help of AI, they know in advance about what parts will need a change and what will work fine that saves the sugar industry a lot of money and time on annual maintenance.

AI helps the industry by advancing predicaments

AI has helped to develop predictive maintenance for the industrial units which helps manufacturers know well in advance what section of their company is going to face the next failure whether in the machine or in their system. The Bottom line is that AI has helped the industry in saving the maintenance cost to a great extent which in turn can well be counted as an overall profit of the industry.

The way of working has changed from what we had a couple of decades before. Now everything works on a fast track having time-bound market deadlines and at the same time, customer’s expectations have raised many folds. Therefore, all the manufacturing or distribution companies face a stiff challenge from their competitors It’s no more easy to get away with an easy-going attitude but to stay in the competition the companies have to adapt to high levels of standards and at the same time follow the norms of government agencies too.

AI is perhaps the only answer to maintain quality as well as follow the regulations and various international standards. The use of advance AI has come up with a number of solutions, applications with the help of robots to handle these tasks more effectively and also reach decisions instantly.



Next on my list is the entertainment industry

We have a vast use of AI in the Entertainment Industry. Perhaps the entertainment industry is the one that got the most benefits from the use of AI. I could have used a number of technical terms here but as I said earlier I will keep it simple by saying that AI is now leading the entertainment industry.

Take any field of entertainment including music, video games, or cinema AI has changed the way it worked until a couple of decades back and progressing at a much faster speed with special effects in every field of entertainment. So my next article will cover Entertainment Industry.


Meanwhile, watch it


Please note-

I will tell you more on various topics in my next articles about Artificial Intelligence’s role in retail stores, banking, Finance automobiles, communication, healthcare, customer support, Safety devices, mobile phones, home appliances going through smart changes, etc. After all Artificial Intelligence is growing in every sector including the ones beyond our wildest of imaginations.



My Name is Suny Ag. I am a marketing professional- Artificial Intelligence is my 2nd love 

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