View From the Cliff at Playa Cocles in Costa Rica


Photo taken at Playa Cocles in Costa Rica

'Yeah, forever expanding my consciousness
I came here for the astonishment
Yeah the wonder of who I can be, living life in 5D
with hunger to achieve these unrivaled accomplishments
Survival had brought out my confidence
Revival of what all this wonder is
Arrival of truth in my spirit they hear it past this Earth and beyond the continents
I'm vibrating with the stars
Cosmic is who we are
And we don't have to look far
To align ourselves with the laws
I was just tired of the way that it always was
Knew I had to change, knew the sky wasn't grey above
So I dug myself up out of the dirt
Then started to love and reclaim my self worth
Gave up all the trauma that I've had since birth
Persistence had carried me, I had the thirst
To self actualize and see my desires
Materialize all born from that fire
That I had inside, to become the higher
Version of my life, I dreamt to acquire'

Lyrics from my song 'Reborn' off my album 'Visualize'

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