The Secret To Life - Original Lyrics and Song



Take what's unconscious and bring it to light
Let go of the trauma we carry inside
Follow your highest excitement till you reach the vibrance
Of passions that make you alive
Set all your sights on your dreams and ambitions
Follow through with your one of a kind vision
Giving all your energy not to your enemies
But to the ones who support your mission
Start lifting yourself through the pain
Doubts and the fears will just drive you insane
Keep steady moving even through the rain
Persevere through it and gain
Allow gratitude into every cell
And transform to a heaven where there was a hell
Now it's time that you yell from the mountaintops
You will never stop, cause now you have this story to tell
The tree of knowledge is inside you and me
We can harvest these thoughts and feelings like they're seeds
Intentionally, we take action and see
That our lives will be shaped into our destinies
So spread your light to humanity
Cause not sharing your gift is a calamity
We need each other for sanity
If a loving world is what we plan to see

Lyrics from my original song 'The Secret'. Listen to the full song below on YouTube!  

Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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